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hypothetical never happen question?

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hypothetical never happen question?

Old 04-04-2019, 07:31 AM
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Default hypothetical never happen question?

Now I know this is likely a hypothetical never happen question?
but picture the ramifications ,your in a state that allows concealed carry,
and your carrying both a revolver and a blade concealed,you have a concealed carry permit.
your standing in line at some bank, atm, business and some guy walks in
, announces a hold-up and points a pistol waving it around demanding everyones wallet ,
he fires a shot into the ceiling, he acts like hes on drugs,
you feign compliance,you know if you fire a pistol the bullet may punch through the criminal, and injure others,
but as you reach for your wallet, your hand comes up with a significantly sized blade folder,

, and in a blur you nearly be-head the creep in a serious throat slash.

as you knock the pistol hes holding out of alignment with your body,
now the creeps dead, theres blood everywhere and the lawyers
want you up for murder.charges
how likely are you to go to prison for killing the jerk in self defense?



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Old 04-05-2019, 03:04 PM
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If you're shooting center mass, your bullet shouldn't go through the suspect. If you're missing your shot, you probably shouldn't be taking the shot. In general (each state can vary some), self defense means your actions were necessary to defend yourself and you stopped your actions when an imminent threat no longer existed. It's an interesting question to consider though.
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Old 04-05-2019, 03:21 PM
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I brought this up to see if the perception, of the use of a blade and result would cause problems
modern perception, might change a great deal, not so much due to killing a criminal threatening you, but due to how ,
you stopped the imminent & obvious threat!
yes I have zero doubt here in florida you would not have any legal issue if you drilled the criminal with a 45 acp to the heart,
from 4 feet, under the listed conditions,
but I think the use of a blade, and several pints of blood spray on the scene,
would be for some reason very counter productive to your defense legally.
justified or not in your actions, punching some scum bag with a 45 acp , might be applauded,
having the witness slipping and sliding in blood spray might work against you
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Old 04-05-2019, 06:40 PM
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I guess it could but each situation can be extremely different. With a knife use like you described, you are right next to the suspect and it can be a little harder to tell when the threat has stopped since a natural reaction would be for that suspect to grab you, whether for self defense, further attack or even just some instinctive reaction not even thought through. If you were to shoot the suspect, you are father away (usually at least out of arm's reach) and can usually tell if the suspect is stopping his/her assault or not. If a shooting investigation protocol is properly followed, all of those things are considered in making a determination of whether it was self defense or not.

As an example using a knife for a weapon, a guy in one of our towns heard his neighbor screaming. He looked over and saw that a nephew had stabbed his uncle with a knife and was closing on the uncle to stab him again. The guy had his CCW gun with him and ordered the nephew to stop. The nephew continued trying to stab his uncle and the guy shot him. The nephew was DOA, the uncle was actually grateful for having his life saved and the guy was cleared by a shooting investigation.
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Old 04-08-2019, 03:02 AM
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i like this, but in my country, if i have knife, when cop check me, i think i need knee down and put hand up before they punch me )
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Old 04-08-2019, 08:16 AM
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the way I see it, it all comes down to the state your in, the folks in the bank backing or NOT your side of events, and who has the better lawyer, you or the bad guys family!
HOW bad the press wants to make you into a villain or a hero too will be a HUGE after in today's media basis world!
the question I might have to ask and one many might want to consider before doing ANYTHING< is, this
DO you really want to find out how much of a legal fight your in, over giving up your wallet or not?
as deciding to Harm/stop the robbery, is a decision only YOU have to make, and the pretty well know consequences of your actions can be a world of aggravation and expense!, and who know's what metal side effects it could have on you too, or others about you that witness such a event!
don't kid yourself, many a MEN think they can kill and be fine and some can, and some cannot !
come to find out robber fell on hard times, trying to support a dozen kids or?? and now dead over your wallet< might come back to harm you
Humans make mistakes, even criminals are humans, and I am NOT defending a crook here by any means, just saying
till the whole story plays out, your decision can have a LOT of different endings and many won't be god for you>
ending a robber is one of them things that I think many see as a positive, and some times they can be, but they can also go the other way real fast!
so, comes down to YOU and what costs are you willing to endure to stop a robber< or just comply and let the law handle things?
and I will add this, I am personal friends with a lat of law enforcement folks
I know many that HAD to shoot a person on the job, and they have issue's pending till the day they leave the dept they work for, as after they do, they can be sued in cival court by the BAD guys? most cased would be a no brainer deal, but its a added costs and aggravation and well, not as easy as many would think,!!
food for thought!
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Old 04-09-2019, 11:23 AM
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Obviously no one would ever want too be confronted in a do or die confrontation,
and with only a second or two between your actions and potentially being killed,
the stress level may not give you much of a chance to think rationally,
I completely concur that the witness testimony, and any video recordings,are going to be profoundly key,
and how seriously threatened, and scared the people felt, and how relieved they felt,
resulting from that lethal imminent,threat, being negated by your actions,
that individually perceived and personally felt threat,
would have a profound effect, and leave a lasting impression on the witnesses,
and on how the local l.e.o's and legal system assessment of that obviously potentially mortal confrontation,
and the individuals risk they personally felt at the time, was viewed by the local legal system.
people are used to endlessly viewing people being shot on the T.V. and movies and internet,
but being close too and seeing the results of a great deal of blood and being personally involved,
in the immediate aftermath is a different deal for most people.
hell, many people seem to think MEAT, LIKE STEAK, GROWS,
on little cardboard trays under clear plastic stretch wrap.

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Old 04-16-2019, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by vodoi182
i like this, but in my country, if i have knife, when cop check me, i think i need knee down and put hand up before they punch me )
In Egypt same situation
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