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What's your favorite features

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What's your favorite features

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Lets see what features do I like in a hunting knife ?!

You asked about uses. I don't use a knife to "hunt" with per say, I use it strictly to clean and process any animal I may harvest. I also usually use my hunting knife as a camp knife, that is to do normal cooking knife duties. You know boring stuff like peel potatoes, slice onions, etc.

For features it has to have a drop pointed blade. The blade should be about 4-6" long and without a doubt be full tang.. I know the trade off's of stainless vs carbon steel. I'd love to see a blade that will hold an edge like a carbon steel blade but be stainless - I guess that will never happen though. Spyderco I think comes pretty close with their H1 steel however. Cold Steel has San Mai and Carbon 5. But I think those are just "their" trade names for other steels.

Next it has to have a loop/lanyard hole. I know this is something of a personal preference issue - but then again aren't all knife choices about personal preference. Then I like to see some kind of a non-slip handle material. I don't particularly like rubber handles but they are about as non-slip as you can get. If someone were to make a set of G10 handles with fairly aggressive, but not abrasive grooves in the handle slabs I'd look hard at that knife.

Lastly and I am partial here, it’s got to have a good sheath. Good knives should not be put in $2 sheaths. Whether its leather or Kydex is not that important to me. Clearly my personal preference is Kydex, but I love quality made heavy duty leather sheaths as well.

A sharpening stone/steel pouch attached to the sheath is a very nice option but not a necessity to me. On a side note if a leather sheath, I really like those sheaths that fully enclose the knife. Not sure what the technical name is but those sheaths that have a leather piece that snaps over the top of the knife thereby covering the entire knife.


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a knife that will stay sharp fer a long time in comparison.
something with a 2 way grip, meaning, when i slice and dice up a few deer, my hand tends to start crampin after about 6 hours, so it would be kewl if i could go from reg grip to a bigger one..im thinking something like brass nuckles, but the outside would be a bigger grip. does that make sense?
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