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Maximum Range

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Default Maximum Range

Just curious to see what each of you think your maxium hunting range is with your BP gun and favorite hunting load. Open sights and/or with a scope.

Mine is 100yds, with open sights using 2 50gr pyrodex pellets and a 260gr Knight Lead Saboted bullet.

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Default RE: Maximum Range

I took a doe at 155yds with my knight 45 cal this past season but had to pass up a very big buck at 267 yds.I was using the power belts 225 gr with 110 grs. of pyro select

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Default RE: Maximum Range

irishcajun I have a scope on my wolverine and even though I am not quite sighted in at 100 yards I feel very confidant that 100 yards is well within my range, I am shooting the same load and bullet as you. I would be interested to hear from anyone the maximum range on this load, what I call a maximum range is the range where if properly hit they are DOWN for the count.

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Default RE: Maximum Range

I would be comfortable out to 125yds with my current favorite load (348gr Powerbelt Aerotip & 115gr Cleanshot) without having to adjust any sights or scope.

I'd be willing to bet that upping the powder to 125gr would allow me accurate 150yd kill shots - I just don't have a local range that long to check it out.

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Default RE: Maximum Range

100 yds. or less using either 90 gr. of FFg and roundballs for deer or 110 gr. of FFg and 430 gr. T/C maxi-balls for elk out of my .54 cal. Renegade. Works out real well for me because P.O.I. are close enough too the same that I don't have to change my sights. Also should mention that I had T/C install their peep-sight on my gun.
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Default RE: Maximum Range

CVA mag-bolt 150. in 45 cal.with 3x9 scope.
I shoot 3 50gr. pyrodex pellets and a 225 power belt bullet.
I took a 6pt. at 125 yrds. this year,and feel good about 150 yrds. would try one out to 200 yrds. if it was a broadside and had a good soild rest.

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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Maximum Range

I shoot a T/C Encore. I will shoot with confidence out to about 150 yards. I shoot 130 grains of pellets and use a T/C PTX in a 250 grain sabot. I have targeted out to 225 yards and the bullet dropped about 5". I am going to try the powerbelts this summer.

. . . Rob
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Default RE: Maximum Range

ditto rob^
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Default [Deleted]

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