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Favorite rest?

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I have a waxed, double wall, cardboard produce box that has notches built into it for handling and stacking. The waxed notches perfectly cradle my rifle. Mind you I have used a Caldwells lead sled, and other adjustable front and rear bag, rest combinations, but the old produce box makes to the range more often than not. Duct tape is optional.
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LOL..That reminds me of the styrofoam cooler I use when there's no sandbags at the range.
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I have a couple of Caldwell bags and several old lead shot bags filled with spent shotgun primers. My father in law shot trap a lot when he was alive and he had a 5 gal. pail of spent primers so I scarfed some up... wish I would have taken more now. But I practice off hand before season rolls in as well.

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I like the Caldwell Jr. And the Caldwell bags. I have a plastic rest that works good, but its a pain to carry around.

When hunting I use a shooting stick. Although in one tree stand... anyone ever use a rope swing? Its a cord hung off a branch down to your foot. You push down to raise it and of course relax to lower it. The rifle rests in a loop. The purpose of this is to be a good steady front rest. Your shoulder is the back rest. It works a lot better then you think, and all it takes is a length of rope to set up, and a tree of course. But I have used that in times of tree sitting.
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Originally Posted by 1874sharpsshooter
Name change - 2015LazyboyShooter?
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Its a cord hung off a branch down to your foot. You push down to raise it and of course relax to lower it.
I am sure it works, but as I read it, I kept imagining Wile E. Coyote caught snare of his own making.
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I made this rest as a protype I was going to make out of steel square tubing. Worked so well with a slight mod I have never made one out of steel.

It is only used at my home made range here at home & at deer camp. For hunting a lot depends on what the game is and where. I have several home made Bifur pods (varmint al's web site explains them.) short ones made from golf club shafts for prone coyote hunting on field edges and round bale tops. Some made from cedar 3/4 square stock for sitting in tall grass coyote hunting and deer hunting. And another set for standing and there are no trees in the area to use.

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I am working on learning to shoot better using the "jim Owens " no pulse sling . You can see it here

He has some excellent books on long range shooting including one just on shooting with a sling . His book on breathing , trigger control and the big lie is excellent . I think i learned more from it than anywhere else .
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I won the IL PRB Bench championship in 1978 shooting an original over the log rifle on a remodeled wood ironing board and I am still using it. It works as good as anything I have tried and it is very portable.

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