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Whew, close one

Old 03-05-2015, 10:50 AM
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Default Whew, close one

I almost got scammed. I just posted that I was getting a Marlin 1895 cowboy in .45-70 a few days ago. Well I sent the money out through PayPal to the account the seller requested. This was after giving me his name and address. He replied that he couldn't access the money and PayPal identified the recipient under another name. A red flag went up. I asked him to contact the other party and have the money returned and I would send a money order to him. After waiting a couple days with no response I put a dispute in. I also emailed him and told him that the only way I would buy the rifle is if he took it to the FFL andgive me the FFL's name and number. He responded with a phone number. But then told me to send the money to his daughter. I called my bank and told them to recall the transfer and did so within 24 hours. I got my money back less $35 for the reversal.
Here are the details: Seller is [email protected] (Stacy Stackhouse) Supposedly lives in Scottsbluff, NE, has a MA area code in his phone, the PayPay acct [email protected] (Melanie Wolf), the FFL phone number he gave me was IN, and his daughter?? lives in OR?
Needless to say I contacted who removed him for fraud.
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Aw, you didn't need it anyway.

There's lots of those scumbags out there. Glad you didn't get burned any worse.
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and you still lost $35 wow!! I don't usually buy off the internet anymore, its a darn shame what some people will do to others these days...

Thanks for the heads up!!
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Nanny, Nanny, Boo Boo:

Sorry, Bronko I couldn't help it. Hope you still get what you're looking for. Love my Marlin. Great woods gun.

Gotta add, been dealing on them sites for a while and sold some and bought some. Been lucky I guess.
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Nothing worse than a thief / scammer. Glad you made out ok. I wouldn't use paypal for guns unless you are real confident in who you are dealing with. They don't allow for any type of protection if the payment was sent for firearms, so you have no ground to stand on with them if you do actually get scammed. Its a shame so many folks feel they need to try and rip others off to make a buck.

I haven't bought alot, but have bought some and sold some. Always had good luck. One time on some ammo the guy went MIA for a week, I thought I was had...but he showed back up and came through.

Rafsob, you should probably sell that one to bronko, heck its missing half the scope anyhow...
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I have bought 3 guns off the internet from the classifieds of sportsmans message boards. All were face to face. I would never send money to a complete unknown. It is a shame, but the internet was made for liars, cheats, thieves and scammers. In fact, I got my Marlin 45-70 guide gun from the classifieds of a sportsmans message board. I am mglad you smelled a rat and didn;t lose much.
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Glad you didnt lose your money
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Originally Posted by rafsob View Post

Gotta add, been dealing on them sites for a while and sold some and bought some. Been lucky I guess.
I'm in the same boat as rafsob... been lucky I guess from what I've been reading. Bronko, glad you didn't get stung any worse Bud. Maybe that's another affliction us older fellers have... sometimes we're too darn gullible. We grew up when a handshake and a man's word were all that was necessary. Unfortunately, this "cyber" world we live in sometimes brings us back to the reality that those days are fading fast.


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Glad to hear things worked out ok. It is too bad that you cannot trust most people at their word.
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Unfortunately, this "cyber" world we live in sometimes brings us back to the reality that those days are fading fast.

Could it be what we are, or should I say not what we are teaching our kids today? And to think these kids are our future leaders?? God help our grandchildren. The video is is from a survey done of some Texas Tech College students.
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