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G'day all

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Default G'day all

Hi guys,
I was on this forum a while back but forgot my name and password so haven't been around. I decided to join back up and to say thank you to everyone that helped me out with lots of blackpowder advice. For anyone who might remember I'm a young Australian hunter that was trying to get a BP into Australia but had no end of trouble getting the gear and info over here.

I did eventually get it all though, I ended up with a TC 50 cal Bonecollector, using Alliant Black MZ and Hornady XTP 240gn magnum sabots. With that combo I've taken three deer with three shots so far, and achieved my goal of shooting a red stag with my blackpowder in my first year hunting with it. So thanks again for all the help and enjoy a couple of snaps from this years success.

The deer are a black fallow doe, a young sambar hind and the 3yo red stag.

Just follow this link


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I remember you...congrats! Glad it all worked out. That is a beautiful dog by the way!
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Well congratulations!! That's quite the accomplishment for a new black powder hunter. Did the 240 grain behave nice when they hit?
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Well done GSPhunter. Any idea what that red stag weighed?
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Thanks guys, I was very happy with how it's been so far.

The XTP's worked very well, the fallow doe I shot at about 85yds broadside slightly quartering and picked up the projectile under the skin on the opposite side. The young sambar was a 45yd texas heart shot which put her down on the spot and the stag was a 65yd front on neck shot which put him down on the spot too. I'll try to rustle up a pic of the one I recovered from the fallow.

You can't really see from the pic but for anyone wondering he's a 5x5 too which is a great starting point for BP still hunting. I'm going to have him mounted some day (just gotta save up to pay for what's already at the taxidermists!).

Weight, Id say around 290lbs at most, he was quite a small deer, he was with a spiker and you couldnt tell them apart size wise. Tasted beautiful though, in fact I just had a nice juicy round steak from him last night for tea!

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