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Barnes bullets

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Default Barnes bullets

Hi guys,

Just wondering, has anyone had any luck with either Barnes TSX, TTSX or Buster's in 45cal with a sabot through a 50 cal rifle?

Long story short, can't get barnes muzzleloader projectiles here.

There is a 300gn 458 SOCOM TTSX that I think would be good (as long as it'd open up ok at slower velocities and can group ok).

The Buster also does a 300gn in 44mag which I think would also be good.

What I'm using now works great, but I'm hoping to get up to northern Australia to hunt water buffalo in the next 18 months and I think I'll need something more than what I'm running now (Hornady 240gn XTP and 300gn FPBs).

Thanks in advance for the help,

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yeah those are way too small for water buffalo not sure if the barnes are either what i would do is call barnes and ask them they have done lot's of testing they will know if they will work or not on animals that tough? i have only used them on deer sized animals and they worked great!
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So you think go something heavier than a 300gn? I think my rifle can push something up to 400gn out.
My thought's were get as close as possible and try for a head shot or where the neck meets the head, its a decent enough target but not one you want to muff from under 50yds.
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Long story short, can't get barnes muzzleloader projectiles here.
Then you may want to look at other bullets besides Barnes. Like something in a 400gr hardcast or the 458 400gr Buster Bullet..
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Ive shot Barnes' for over 2 decades & i swear by the 300grn MLExpander in my Savage smokeless mzldr. But thats for deer, id hate to depend on it for buffs! The 400grn Barnes Buster for the 45-70 is what you'll want in your mzldr. It's a .458 cal get the correct sabots! Good luck.
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I have shot the .458 in my Knight, great groups. Hit one deer and did not think it opened up like muzzleloader bullets. I think they need more vel. My gun is 2125 fps @10 ft. Hit was at 200 yds.
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Doc white killed one with a ML but can not find the report about what he used.
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