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fouling shot?????

Old 09-28-2013, 05:15 PM
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Default fouling shot?????

I recently bought a new CVA Wolf (blue/black). Been experimenting with various bullet/sabot combinations & powder combinations.
Tried some 250gr Barnes Expanders today (my favorite hunting bullet) over 100gr Pyrodex R/S. 100 yd group was good even with one shot I pulled, but the first shot on a clean & dry (no oil) barrel was about 3" high/right. Still in "minute of deer", but I would prefer to have it right in the group.
I'll try again a time or two before season, but if it likes to have a fouled bore I'm wondering if I can come up with a method I can use here at home (live in town so I want to avoid loud noise) to foul it before I load for hunting.
Would a primer & empty sabot (no bullet) be a possibility?
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I sight in and set up with a clean bore in my Knight...I also swab between shots...
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I only use a fouling shot with my Whites everything else is hunted with on a clean bore
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I shoot mine before season and clean it after season, then clean and put it away, it'll shoot more consistant dirty.
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I only shoot on a BH209 or smokeless fouled bore. Even with BH209 all i do is fire 2-3 primers and run a dry patch so it has a little bit of fouling and i so i know the breach is clear. I probably would not leave Pyro fouling in a bore for too long in any kind of humidity.

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i refuse to "foul" a clean gun prior to loading. If the gun won't shoot to the same point of aim, clean and dirty; it goes away.
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I fire 3 primers after cleaning the oil out then clean again, then fire 3 more primers and mine will shoot in the same group with Blackhorn, I know it sounds like a lot of preparation but I only do it for hunting, a couple of shots into the berm takes care of range shooting.
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Wabi...........Is the first shot on a clean barrel always high and right? If it is. Sight the gun for the first shot. It only takes the first shot to kill.

The only reason to shoot a fouled barrel is when the first shot on a clean barrel is inconsistent.

This would be for a hunter. A paper killer is different.
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Originally Posted by falcon View Post
i refuse to "foul" a clean gun prior to loading. If the gun won't shoot to the same point of aim, clean and dirty; it goes away.
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I pass a couple of clean patches through, then fire a cap or two to clean out any cleaning/oil residue. After that I pour about 10-15 gr of powder down the barrel and keep the barrel pointed straight up. Then fire a cap pointing at the sky (no sablot or bullet, just the small load of powder).

Then I swab with a patch and load for the hunt. I have yet to have a gun that will shoot the same fouled or clean (own five) so I just do what the gun tells me she likes
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