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looks like either primer blow by or a cleaning jag got that section imo, the wear looks smooth.
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If that's the case I say that stuff doesn't appear to be too durable. I had weathershield on my Encore Pro Hunter and I had a bad habit of making contact with that very same part of the frame with my breechplug taking it out by not opening the frame all the way along with hitting it with a cleaning jag a few times and I will say that it did get some scratches but did not chip or come off. This was actually over a longer period of time doing this then what he has with this gun.
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That looks like something that would happing to me I would see if you can get your money back I would not be happy with it like that and a new gun would do the same thing.
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I can understand wear in this area, but it is chipping off. That is my concern. I expect to end up sending this gun back. I don't like the design on any other of their rifles. I wish I could have this rifle but sans the coating!!!
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Your not alone with bad luck in life. In this case it was no fault of yours. With normal use that should never happen. I would imagine CVA was in a hurry to copy T/C and Knight with the whole Weather Shield-Bore Coating thing. Im sure CVA will make it right..But I would want my money back.
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Originally Posted by rafsob View Post
That has always been my problem throughout life. If it is going to happen, it will happen to me!!!
I with you rafsob, if it's gonna happen it'll happen to me. Im so used to things happening to me that I just expect it.
Im also with why did they put the weathershiled on it in the first place, a SS Barrel is fine as is.
I also would expect the finish to come off in that area where the barrel would make contac with the receiver. It's a coating and coatings come off with rub, contac and wear. I feel for you and know you love that ML.
Even if CVA replaces it I'd suspect te same will happen with the next.
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Originally Posted by rafsob View Post
That has always been my problem throughout life. If it is going to happen, it will happen to me!!!
If you like the gun, have all that stuff stripped off and re-done by a proffesional. If not send the gun back and get your money back.
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It will be interesting to see how common this problem really is. Is it just a fluke or will a lot of other people be posting in the future who have the same problem.
Personally, I would prefer a beadblasted stainless finish or even a nicely blued barrel to a coated barrel.
For your sake, I hope CVA has found the root of the problem and a replacement rifle would not see the same flaking of the finish. I'm not a CVA owner at present but it does seem like they are making every effort to "make things right" with you. I have a feeling though that they are well aware this is being discussed here........
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One of the guys in the club is having that problem, his is sort of a combination of chipping and pealing. He says he will blue it when it all comes off. He is one of those buyers of foreign stuff also his Toyota is in the shop over a recall.
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If you really like it, i would have it bead blasted and possibly redone in Black Ice.
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