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1st Muzzleloader

Old 08-06-2011, 01:45 PM
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Default 1st Muzzleloader

I just purchased a Thompson center Impact, this is my first muzzleloader and I'm just looking for a little advice on what to use as far powder, caps, sabots, cleaning accessories, and what to stay clear of. Thanks!
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If I had that rifle and was headed to my range, I would first try..

Pyrodex RS 100 grain
250 grain Shockwaves black included sabot
Winchester W209 primers

swab between shots with Windex and see how it shoots. Once you have a good solid load down.. then you can experiment
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First thing is to get the crud that T/C applies to there barrels for protection out lol. a good quality bore cleaner and a synthetic brush and lots of patches.a bore polish may still be needed even after the cleaning.powders to use would be 777 loose 2f, swab between shots and even better BH209, no swabbing between shots, 90- 110 gr of either.bullets and sabot choices would be. .250 gr gold dot Crushed rib sabot,.250 gr Barnes TEZ/ with supplied sabot,harvester .260 gr pt gold supplied sabot or the .250 gr XTP with a crushed rib sabot.if your not familiar with loading, cleaning a muzzle loader,you need to do some searches and ask a lot of questions so you get it right..most here are more than willing to steer you in the right direction.. have fun and be safe..
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I'm with Cayugad. Pyrodex for a first time muzzle loader. Shockwaves would be good too, as would Hornady's 240 grain XTPs with supplied sabots. Get familiar with the gun with simple loads like that, read a lot on this forum, and then you can expand your repertoire.
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I agree with Cayugad too. Start with Pyrodex. Get used to loading a muzzleloader and shooting it. Don't worry about accuracy right away. Just put some powder through the gun and have fun. Start with 80 gr and work up.

Have fun blowing smoke.
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I have the Impact.It's a very good gun.The best combo I have found is Harvester Green sabots with 240 gr. XTP .430 . 100 gr. 777. Two inch groups at 100 yards
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That is almost the exact load I shoot in my Impact. (I use the Hornady SST's 250 gr), basically the same bullet. I did find that with Winchester primers I had a slight crud ring forming. Switched to 777 primers and no issues.

That load was holding 1.5 inches at 50 yds with fixed sights
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Be certain the bullet is seated on the powder with every shot. A "crud" ring can form and make it feel like the bullet is all the way in.
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Thanks everyone for the replies, been a big help.
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Default powder

You could try a couple different powders--Pyrodex as mentioned and 777. See what you and your gun like best. I suggest loose powder--measured by volume,NOT weight.
With loose powder you can dial your load right in to a given volume and don't have to live with the pellets for their factory pre-determined weights.

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