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TC Omega load?

Old 10-08-2010, 03:23 PM
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Default TC Omega load?

Who here has a T/C Omega? What load do you use in it? Mine seems to be very fussy about what it likes and finding a load that works seems to be a real pain. I currently shoot 90grs of triple 7 with a 250gr shockwave. I did find that swabbing after each shot seems to make a difference.
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I use 120 grains bh 209 and either 285 gr. Barnes spitfires or 300 gr. speer gold dots mostly. They both shoot very well with nice groups. If I use less than 120 grains of powder I get bullet tumble. My muzzle velocity is right around 2050 f.p.s. with both bullets. I use the supplied yellow sabots with the Barnes and Harvester short blacks with the Speers. I have one of the original stainless, laminate omega's so the barrel isn't too tight at all.
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240gr XTPs have shown me some success, though I get my best through 250gr shockwaves. I shoot pyrodex RS (130gr) T7 primers, and use both sides of a wet and dry patch between shots. I also shoot cold-bore. If I was you, I'd keep at the T7 powder in 10gr increments up to 130gr on a cold/clean bore and see what you develop.
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The load i currently use in my Omega is 105g BH209 pushing 300g Speer Deep Curl in Harvester Crush Rib Sabot, ignited by a W209 primer.
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I have had two Omega's. Both were accurate rifles. But like yours, both were very finicky. The best load was 120 grains of 3F BP with the TC 250 grain bullet.

I got rid of both rifles. You could hammer the second shot down one rifle. But in the other rifle the second load WOULD NOT go down.

Way too finicky for me-so they had to go.

And both trigggers were atrocious. No way I was going to try to work on the triggers myself. Too complicated.

Good rifle, good value, too finicky. But it is a one shot wonder for accuracy. Which after all is really all that is imporant with an MZ?? Tom.
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There are some things that can make the Omega touchy, like over tightening the stock to barrel and action screws it is even possible to damage the stock and have to reinforce it to get it back right.
Most Omegas are not very touchy, to loose a sabot is an other thing that can cause problems even tumbling.
Most will shoot a wide variety of bullets with 100 gr of BH, if you use crudring [777] you may have to clean well between shots with Blackhorn don't clean until you are finished shooting.
Normally the most accurate load is 100 gr of Blackhorn and a Shock Wave 250 or 50/40 200 gr The hunting load I like best is the 250 Gold Dot or "Deep Curl" which while holding a minute of angle most of the time is not quite as accurate as the SW.
Most of the loads I have tried in mine with a 100 gr of BH and a MMP HPH 24 or a Harvester short black shot under 2 inches a lot under 1.5 inches some under 1 inch.
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1 of my Omega's like's the pyrodex select alot.....105grs and a 250 gr shockwave or a 300 gr hornady .....both bullets are producing 1.5 in groups.Have not shot the bh 209 due to the costly price of it.i may be able to get alittle tighter groups out of it with the bh 209 but when it comes to primary hunting whitetails , i am happy with the results.
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I shoot 115gr 777/3fg and a 260 Nosler partition.My omega is dead on cold bore,but accuracy drops as the barrel warms up.2 shots will be OK,but 3rd will be out of group.I use a 3 petal EZ sabot for reload when hunting,and can reload with out swab.

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Originally Posted by P3FE View Post
Who here has a T/C Omega? What load do you use in it? Mine seems to be very fussy about what it likes and finding a load that works seems to be a real pain. I currently shoot 90grs of triple 7 with a 250gr shockwave. I did find that swabbing after each shot seems to make a difference.
I used 110gr 777 and the 200gr Shockwave. Start at 90 and work up. It's a better bullet anyways.

If that doesn't work, change the torque on your action screws. If this significantly changes your POI, you likely have a bedding issue causing your problems. When you say you can't find a load, how big are the groups.
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