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New Englander

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Default New Englander

I was burning time earlier just messing around on gunbroker lookin at different guns. I noticed some TC New Englanders and was just curious so I thought I would ask you guys about them. I no nothing about them. Are they good guns? I notice they come 50cal, 54cal, and 12ga. The 12ga is what caught my eye.

So I was wondering what are the specs on these guns? Are the smoothbores threaded for chokes or just open bore?

I dont plan on getting one anytime soon but I was just curious about them. I sure love my 62cal smoothbore so maybe down the road I can get one of these in a 12ga.... Can they shoot 12ga roundball or are they not meant for that?


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I bought a NewEnglander .50 years ago. I picked up a 12ga barrel for it and liked it. I added a camo stock a couple years later, then decided to buy another lock and have 2 complete guns.

The NewEnglander is a fine gun. The 12ga will handle round ball loads (with an open choke), but I've never been able to get much accuracy with them. (My .62 smoothbore flintlock did much better.)
With more experimentation with loads I'm sure I could improve accuracy, but I just never took the time since the .50 cal handles those hunting situations.
I did buy a full choke tube (and an extra full .660) for working up a turkey load for the 12ga. It does very well with both tubes, but I usually keep shots under 30 yards just to be sure they're quickly fatal. No quick second shot makes you a bit more selective in the shots you take.
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I had a 54 cal. man sorry I sold it
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I own a .50 and .54 and have a 12 gauge barrel as well. They are a great gun. A real meat and potatoes gun. Nothing fancy, but just a good shooter. The shotgun is my grouse gun.
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My son has a 54 cal barrel for his 12ga. He has harvested many deer with both the 12 ga. with a ball, and balls out of the 54.
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I bought a N.E years ago in 50 caliber. It was a no-nonsense rifle. Lock, stock, and barrel. I really liked that gun. I added the 12 gauge barrel as an accessory. The older 12 gauge barrels were cylinder bore. I had my gunsmith have it custom fitted with a briley choke tube system and it worked well. A year or so later a burgler came to visit and took eleven of my guns, the N.E was included in my loss. It had the rifle barrel installed. The 12 gauge barrel was left in the closet. Some time later I saw a N.E on sale and bought it to replace the one that was stolen. The new one has a synthetic stock and a 24 inch 50 caliber barrel. My orginal had a beautiful walnut stock. I still have the gun and extra barrel. Haven't used it in years.

Getting back to your question, They are excellent rifles/ shotguns.

Oh, and I no longer display my rifles in a glass fronted gun cabinet.
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My New Englander was my first MZ.It is a fine rifle. Nothing fancy,but like most TC's it will shoot most anything you can stuff down the bore. I don't shoot open sights well any more,so I do not hunt with it,but it is fun to shoot. The kids love it with round ball and 50 gr powder.

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I just picked up one in the12 ga cal. I actually stole it I think. I only paid $200 for it. It was new and unfired. I haven't played with it yet, but plan to set it up for turkey hunting.

It does have a choke, but I have been busy and have not checked it out as to what tube is in it. I have been told that a Winchester, Moseberg or Weatherby tubes will work in it. Not sure but will find out soon.
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