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Default Pennsylvania' s Muzzleloading Regulations (for the record)

I have been reading thru a lot of the posts concerning in-line muzzleloaders and there seems to be some confusion about what is legal to use in PA, when and where.
I thought since PA has been a traditional state for so many years when concerning muzzleloader hunting, that it might be appropriate to list the current regs for those who might not be sure........they are different, and many might be surprised to learn that you CAN use inlines in PA during certain seasons.

(this is a copy of a post I mead on a recent thread)
PA still has the " Flintlock" only rule for its traditional after Christmas (Dec 26-Jan10)" Muzzleloader Season" ....however they have since removed the " Roundball only" regs........this season is Antlered(statewide)if you still have your " buck" tag and antlerless with appropriate tags for whatever DMU you are hunting.

Flintlock Muzzleloader SeasonDec26-Jan10) Only single-barrel long-guns with a flintlock ignition system are permitted. The firearm must be an original or reproduction of a gun used prior to 1800, which is .44 caliber or larger, with iron, open " V" or notched sights (fiber-optic inserts are permitted). A flintlock ignition system consists of a hammer containing a naturally-occurring stone which is spring-propelled onto an iron or steel frizzen, which, in turn, creates sparks to ignite a gunpowder. Flintlock hand guns are not permitted. Flintlock muzzleloader hunters may use " any single projectile," including sabots, and mini and maxi balls.

PA also now has an Early Antlerless Only Muzzleloader season where " Anything Goes" (Oct 18-25)This season requires possession of an appropraite Antlerless tag for the DMU you will be hunting

Antlerless Muzzleloader SeasonOct 18-25) Any long gun muzzleloading firearm, including in-line and percussion sporting arms. Use of scopes and other lawful sighting devices is permitted. Fiber optic inserts may be used.

Just thought I' d shed a little light on the speculation.....there are also a number of State Parks in PA that will allow only Muzzleloaders or Shotguns and in that case Any weapon and bullet choice that is legal in the specific muzzleloader seasons also applies here.......these can only be hunted at a time when it is legal to hunt deer with a firearm/muzzleloader in the rest of the state.

Also any muzzleloading weapon that is legal in these " muzzleloader only" seasons is also legal in the General Firearms deer season. That means you can use your flintlock or inline right along with the centerfire rifle guys.
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