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Knight TK2000

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Default Knight TK2000

Wondering if anyone has any experince with the TK2000..

It is a shot gun with screw in choke tubes..From what i
have read it is supposed to be a devestating weapon
on turkeys...Thanks John
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Old 03-30-2008, 04:16 PM
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Default RE: Knight TK2000

I have one and you would not be dissapointed at all. I shot my tom last year at 60 yards so I thought and the laser ranged it to 62 yards. The bird was graveyard dead and did'nt flop. My pet load is 110 grains loose of Pyrodex and a 3-1/2" shot cup filled with #4 shot. At 30 yards you can put your fist in the hole it puts in the target. Here is a target at 45 yards that tore the target in half, certainly a kill for sure. At that time I was experimenting and using 100 grains with #6 shot. I got my new gun off Auctionarms for only 120 bucks and it was brand new in the box and is one heck of a shooter. It will knock the snot out of you if the stock is not planted correctly. I use the choke tube that comes with the gun but I want to find the one you can use for ducks and geese, seems like that would be a challenge as well. I seen the new ones with the thumbholes and they are around 450, but on the auction sites they average 250 or so which is still a deal.
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Default RE: Knight TK2000

I have a friend that takes turkey hunting more serious them a lot of deer hunters chase after deer. I mean he lives to hunt turkey. He started out with a 10 gauge double barrel which we had a lot of fun shooting one afternoon as I remember. That is now his goose gun he said. He then went to a pump 12 gauge with 3 inch abilities and I thought he was happy. When I saw him about seven years ago, he showed me his ultimate turkey gun. It was a Knight TK2000 with the turkey choke. He has a RED DOT mounted on it. He told me he dropped a bird one afternoon at 45 long steps flat. He said he's never had a better turkey gun. He sighted it in for 35 yards, and said he puts that dot on there head, and lets fly.

Ask me a little later next week how a Knight Shotgun does. I just bought one NIB. It is a MK86 12 gauge which later turned into the TK2000 a couple years later. It also has the turkey chokes and I am excited about working up a load for it ASAP.
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Default RE: Knight TK2000

The TK-2000 is an awesome patterning shotgun!
I had one and the patterns were very tight & dense. The best load was 100 gr T-7 ffg behind the 2.5 oz shotcup. With 110 gr T-7 recoil was bad, and with 120 gr it was painful to pull the trigger and patterns oped up quite a bit. I even bought the IC choke for it, and it patterned like more like an improved modified!
But I had 1 big problem with the gun. It's stock dimensions and my body are not a match! It hurt me too much to enjoy shooting, so I sold it to a hunting buddy that loves Knights. Not trying to say anything bad about Knight, but their stocks just don't fit me! EvenKnight rifles give me a lot more felt recoil than most other brands.
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