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T/C ENCORE 209x50

Old 12-03-2007, 07:06 PM
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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

ORIGINAL: heinz57

ORIGINAL: heinz57

yes i handled the PRO very nice but i wanted a 26 inch barrel
too bad T/C did not put a "limbsaver recoil pad " on the ENCORE now i have to buy one ,also they should have installed the " E-Z TIP EXTRACTOR " so u can remove the breech plug without having to take the gun apart ..
I agree !!

The price i paid for my encore ss , it should have come with both !!
I removed the extractor from my encore , i find that its not needed.
But the limbsaver is !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

I to am looking at the Pro Hunter. I have never fired a M/L before but I want to really extend my deer season next year. I am looking at the fully loaded model with the stainles fluted barrel and the flextech recoil pad. Seems like this gun will cost about 800 bucks. Does that sound correct? I currently have an 11-87 with a cantilever barrel and a leupold shotgun VX I 2-7 scope. I am thinking about buying and mounting the same scope on the Pro Hunter. Does that sound like a good match? Should I get something larger. I know its expensive and I am new to M/L but I want to buy one M/L that I will have for a long time. The only other firearm i own is a 700 30.06 and I really want another caliber so the Pro Hunter gives me that option sorta kinda on the cheap. What do you all think? Sorry to hijack the thread
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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

Dealer pricing on the Pro-hunters is $646 for the black composite stock models and $690 for the hardwoods camo stock models.
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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

I have shot thePro-Hunter that a friend has. The Pro-Hunter does not appeal to me at all: It has a feel that is totally different from my Encore.
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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

I wanted to reply with some info; however, I am new member. I am currently deployed, but I wanted to put my two cents worth in on the discussion of the TC Encore. It's a great rifle. It feels and handles very well. However, my rifle seems to be particular about what powder and bullet. My wife purchased the rifle for my birthday and she spent quite a bit of money. She also bought a 3x9x40 Nikon scope. I have tried the 250 grain SST and the shock wave by TC and to say that I was severely disappointed by the performance of my Encore would be an understatement. I continue tinkering with the loads and the best group I could get was about 4" at 100 yards. Cecil Epps came up with the fix for the problem. After converting from a 209 primer to shoot small rifle primers my rifle shoots a consistant 1.5" group at 100 yards. Now, I have a couple of friends who have had absolutely no problem what so ever with there Encore's and they shoot better than what mine does. I will say this that there is no TC encore with any scope that is capable of shooting a 1" group at 200 yards. It isn't possible, because of the subtension of the reticule. In other words the cross hair of the scope will cover an area greater than a 1" group at 200 yards. However the TC Encore is a great rifle and worth every penny of its price.

Fighting for Freedom and Dying for Liberty
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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

TAke a look at the triumph if you do not need to interchangability.
terrific gun very very easy to clean with the thumb turn breech plug
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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

I have a 209x50 Encore Stainless / Synthetic stock. The Encore Pro is nice and expensive. I just bought an Encore Pro stock and put it on my Encore. Definately less expensive that way. I love mine and it is a joy to shoot. Not worth spending all that extra money. Use the Variflame with small rifle primers instead of 209's and accuracy is great with 150 gr. Pyrodex pellets.
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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

Happy holidaysfrom Baghdad, Iraq. I hope ya'll enjoy the holidays with good friends and family.

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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

same to u SLOW BURN is cold here today we have about 2 feet of snow on the ground ..
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Default RE: T/C ENCORE 209x50

Slow Burn, Happy Holidays and best wishesto you and all your buds over there.
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