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Pyrodex RS

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Default Pyrodex RS

I bought a pound of this yestaerday at BassPro I was using Triple 7 and still have over a half pound but the 15.99 price for the RS was appealing, what do I have instore for me with this powder?
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Default RE: Pyrodex RS

It takes a bit more say 10%-15% to get the same velocity and you should clean your gun soonaftershootingother than that some of us find it to be the most stable and reliable sub on the market although Black Mag has a good reputation it is very high pricedand hard to get. Lee
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Default RE: Pyrodex RS

Pyrodex RS is a very good quality, well established,reliable burning powder. It will often times produce excellent accuracy where other powder seem to fail. As Lee mentioned, it is probably the quickest in the corrosive department of all the powders, but as long as you clean the rifle soon after shooting there will be no problem.

While many claim there is a 15% difference in power between the loose Pyrodex RS and the Triple Se7en 2f, I usually find if I were getting good accuracy with 100 grains of Triple Se7en for example, then 110 grains of Pyrodex produce the same accuracy. Whether the same velocity is there, I can not say. Of course with that kind of charge, an additional 50 fps mean really nothing.

Pyrodex does fowl a barrel, and swabbing is often times necessary. You will normally find the fowling soft and easy to remove with a simple damp patch. Actually other then Goex, I really like the powder to shoot. I shot lots of it for years and always had great results with it.
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Default RE: Pyrodex RS

Most of my game has been killed with Pyrodex RS. Have found it to be more consistent and more accurate than Pyrodex pellets. My old CVA Staghorn shoots like a .22 with 70-80 grains of Pyrodex RS and a 240 grain XTP bullet.i do shoot rabbits in the head with it.
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Default RE: Pyrodex RS

It's all I've ever used in my guns besides American Pioneer. I like the price.I just got a bottle of it for $14 yesterday. I have shot real blackpowder in other guns and have to say thatPyrodex certainly cleans easier. I agree that it doesn't have as much power but I've never really gotten a chance to testthe differenceso I can't tell you for sure. One thing I can tell you is that I've dropped 2 deer in their tracks with 110 grains and 120 grains of it. I see no reason to use anything else for myself. I hate swabbing as well and that stuff takes away some of the need for it as much. Give it a try and I'm sure you'll love it. The smell is horrible but I guess it is with the other stuff too.
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Default RE: Pyrodex RS

I seen several bottles tonight on clearance for $7 a bottle.
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Default RE: Pyrodex RS

Yup! 7 Bucks a pound here,while it last. I use it for target/plinking during the off season.
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