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Moose Milk

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Default Moose Milk

cayugad I have heard of moose milk, and there are many recipes for it. What I didn't know is that you can soak them and then you them as a dry patch. Is that because of the special ingredients you use,or is that true with all the recipes. It would make things so much easier for handling theticking when it's in strips. Thanks for all help
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Default RE: Moose Milk

Yes there are a lot of different ways to make it. Originally I made it out of water soluble cutting & grindingoil you get at NAPA Auto Parts. I added water, and alcohol and Murphy's oil soap to that. It still to this day is a great moose milk and works just fine. I have one friend that uses that and refuses to change. Like he said, when something works, why do something different.

On a different forum a poster named Stumpkiller gave this recipe:

Liquid Lube - Moose Milk[/b]
8 ounces of isopropyl alcohol
3 ounces of Castor Oil
4 ounces of Witch Hazel
16 ounces of tap water
1 ounce of Murphy’s Oil Soap

(make sure you mix the ingredients in the exact order they are listed)

I buy a yard of material of 100% cotton blue strip pillow tick at the local wal mart. I wash that in the washing machine. I then line dry the material. After that you can tear the strip real easy off that bolt of material. I like to tear off an inch and a half. Then you soak that strip in moose milk. Ring the excess moose milk out. Then I lay that on an old window screen in the sun and let it dry. This is a dry patch . If you like a more wet patch, you can spritz them with a spritzer bottle.

Here is something for those that want to make a bore butter type lube...[/b]
Solid Lube Formula[/b]

2 ounces of Bees Wax
8 ounces of Castor Oil
1 ounce Murphy’s Oil Soap

Using a double boiler system, melt the bees wax. While keeping the wax liquid, heat the Castor oil with the double boiler also. Then mix the two together. Stir them together and while doing this a scum will form. You need to scrap the scum off the liquid. Once the scum is scraped off the mix, then add the Murphy’s Oil Soap and stir fast while it is melted. This will make a nice frothy appearance and very smooth. Pour the mix into containers and it will set up in a couple hours.

This mix will not break down in heat and is still usable in cold weather. It makes a great conical lube.

What I do is for dry patches... soak the strip in the moose milk solution. Then I twist the strip to remove as much of the liquid as possible. After that I lay the strip on an old window screen and let it air dry. What happens is the soap and the Castor oil penetrate that cloth and remain in the cloth. You can load it just like that or spritz the cloth with a mist bottle (old OFF Insect repellent bottle) works good to mist the patch.
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