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Originally Posted by rafsob View Post
Hey Bigtime, where are you hunting that the bucks are chasing does this early? I tried to see the photo, but it came back no page found.
Sorry that it took me so long to get back to you rafsob but I live in the Southeastern part of North Carolina. The bucks are chasing does and showing rutting activity every year here in mid October. As for the photo, I can't pull it up either. I'll try and find it for you.

There you go!
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Winner is big timer . Congrats pm me an address to send it to you
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This happened many years ago before digital cameras. I have a pic laying around somewhere but not sure where. This was during the PA's primitive season on a clear day with about 4" of freshly fallen snow. I had moved into position well below my hunting partner and he was preparing to do a push for me. After a while I saw 3 deer running down the mountain well to my left. Shortly thereafter I saw my friend crest the ridge, stop, and get down on his belly. I saw the cloud of smoke and the boom of his rifle. Within a few seconds a deer comes from the left and turns and is walking up an old logging road straight away from me with her tail up. I knew she was going to continue her course. I got down on one knee and cocked the hammer on my Hawken, shoulder the rifle and set the rear trigger. I took a careful bead on her built in "bullseye" and touched off the shot. When the smoked cleared my deer was lying stone dead in the center of the logging road. Upon further examination I found that my 320 gr Maxihunter pushed by 100 gr of FFFg entered the doe's butt hole without breaking the skin and stopped just short of the brisket causing havoc with everything it passed through. Now I did shoot a lot in those days (more than I do today) but I must admit that this was the luckiest shot I ever took in my life. Needless to say this was also the most disgusting field dressing job I ever had to do. We can only shoot doe during this season.

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Default Found the pic

That's me on the right
Attached Thumbnails Another contest.-me-jim-deer_1.jpg  
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I'm surprised you got anything. Your outfit doesn't match.
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