Another contest.

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Default Another contest.

I have a CVA Optima pro. Older one that I got off someone. barrel has a slight bit of pitting it looks like but i'm sure the devil can shoot one ragged hole with it at 100 yards. it's the last CVA I have and I'm willing to give it away to some lucky winner.

Just post pic and story of any deer taken legally with a Muzzleloader and I will select the one I like best. If your pic and story is selected I will ship you this wonderful prize. As an added bonus I will throw in some bullets of some kind to shoot out of it. Don't think I have any powerbelts left so you may have to settle for one that isn't the best selling but I guarantee the bullets I send will perform well if they hit a deer. This is not a joke. This is a legitimate contest upon approval of JW. Good luck to all. My decision is final.
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My prize is better.
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Originally Posted by flounder33
My prize is better.
Can't dispute that. But I can't in good conscience sell a CVA and I already gave one away so I don't want to do that again. This is the next best thing.
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As you know I am in SD right now geting my 'dress' blown up cuz of this nasty wind this afternoon!

So mych for grouse hunting - seeing a few - shot a few - not by me tho but my dogs sure ran just dandy - even got some pointed birds - that others of my party got to before ole me!

But 1874 - I do need to ask. I have no problem with it at all but I need to take your offer higher.

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JW Let me know if you are going to be able to swing by and pick up your stuff. If not just let me know when you want it shipped.
Hope you like it . It comes with a money back guarantee
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Mods approved this contest so if you want to enter just post a pic and the story in this thread. I'll pick a winner jan 1st. thanks
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Default A nice NC buck with my CVA

Hey guys, I just wanted to share the news on an awesome hunt that I went on yesterday with my CVA Optima Pro. Here's how it all went down.

My teenaged son, Tyler has the entire week off from school for a fall break, he just turned 15 this year and loves to hunt. Anyhow, we were set up in a large cutover, Tyler was in his climber and I was in a ladder stand. I guess we were about 600 yards apart.

I saw 2 does that morning feeding on the upcoming browse and that's was about it. Tyler had texted me that he had seen the same two does and a little three pointer that he chose not to shoot. The rest of the morning was uneventful for the both of us so we decided to meet at the truck at noon for a lunch break and to make plans for an afternoon hunt. We decided to get back into the cutover and set until dark.

We were just finishing up lunch when I spotted something running in the cutover about 100 yards away from us. Tyler grabbed his binos and told me that is was a good sized doe running kinda parallel to us. She would run a little ways and stop, look behind her and then run a little closer. I told Tyler that we should carefully move closer to where she had passed by us as she was acting like she was being chased by a buck.

We only made it about 50 yards out into the cutover when a nice buck came from behind a pine thicket that stuck out into the cutover. He looked to be a respectable 8 pointer (for our area) and he was kinda headed our way. If he kept on a straight path then he was would pass by us at about 150 yards!!!!!

Tyler and I laid down behind a pile of logs to stay hidden and to also give us a good shooting rest. I told Tyler to get ready as the buck slowed to a trot. He cocked the hammer on his CVA Wolf and when the buck stopped, he fired. I saw the brush just in front of the buck shake and he took off.

I knew exactly where the buck was headed and told Tyler to reload, get on his 4 wheeler and go to the head of the creek that ran down the back of the property. I stayed put because with my bad back, there was no way that I would be able to keep up with him.

I was putting my range finder away when I saw that same doe (I assume) running right at me with the buck not far behind her. Tyler must have spooked them with the 4 wheeler. Anyhow, the buck was about to pass me at about 125 yards when he suddenly stopped and looked in my direction. I settled the crosshairs at the top of his shoulder and that is exactly where the bullet hit. Down he went!!!!

I really wanted Tyler to kill the buck but it just didn't work out that way. He got back over to where I had killed the buck, he was tickled to death for me. He knows that he will never be too old to give his old man a hug and he did so.

We are leaving in an hour to try our luck again! I thank God everyday for the relationship that Tyler and I have shared over the years. I hope that he knows how much I love him.

I also want to take a minute to thank the folks on this forum that have helped me through some tough times over the years. I hope that you know that you are appreciated

Now would someone shoot me a PM and tell me how to post a picture ? I have already uploaded them to Photobucket.
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Default Contest

You may already have a winner from NC. That was a great story. Muzzleloader season in NW Florida is Feb 17th to the 24th, so I guess if I get lucky it will be too late. Maybe I'll just hunt all season with the ML. Contest is a great idea. Thanks
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1874sharpsshooter, does it matter what season the animal is taken in? I hunt only with a MLer and use it for both our Rifle and Late ML Seasons, as long as I take it with my Mler, right? Im in.
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Hey Bigtime, where are you hunting that the bucks are chasing does this early? I tried to see the photo, but it came back no page found.
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