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30-06 and grizzly

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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

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ok thanks for the info guys, depending on if i buy the 338, but i will invest in some of the nosler partitions for now, i have never used them is there a preferred brand you guys use, or are they just called nosler partitions? i use winchester products, i use the 180 gr silvertips for all my hunting. i am glad to hear that my 06 will work, i dont usually get nervous and too excited when i am hunting so i should be able to get a good shot placement if i have too, allthough i have never had a grizz charge me, so maybe i may get a little roughed up then, haha. again thanks for the info.
Nosler is the brand name of a bullet manufacturer. Partition is the product name. I'm assuming that you are not a reloader since you where unaware of Nosler. So your options are limited. You can either learn to reload, find a friend who reloads, or buy some Federal Premium ammunition with Nosler partition bullets. Hope this helps. OBTW I would pack a 12 ga with slugs before I would the 06. 338 is a minimum IMHO
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

Shato- your right, iam not a reloader, i just buy factory ammo, thanks for the info.

To everyone- thanks for all the replies it has been an interesting topic and i enjoyed everyones opinions and knowledge. i hope to never run into a grizz, and im sure if i did i would have to change my shorts if i lived haha. i would have never thought that my posting of this topic would have gone this far. i hope everyone has enjoyed voicing thier stuff!!

take care
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

I was reading an old artical in Outdoor Life about a Grizzly hunt that went wrong. The Bear was originally hit three times with a 300 Win Mag. The bear then charged and took four hits from a 44 Mag pistol. this stopped the charge but the bear was then hit three times with a 375 H&H then ran off and was found several hundred yards away dead. Once they charge it about takes a brain or spine shot to put them down quick. This could be delievered by any medium to large rifle, say a 7x57 on up. However hitting the spine or brain on a moving target is not an easy task. In the above story the guide said that almost all of the hits should have stopped the bear as far as shot placement goes. As we all know it doesn't always happen. 95% of the time one good hit from a 30-06 class and up rifle will put a grizzly down and even if it does not in most cases the bear will try to run away. However when a person decides to go into their domain after them you take the chance that you may finish second.Accept that or stay away from them. Same goes for any dangerous game.
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

First off, I am in no way an expert on this nor have I ever actually seen a grizz in the wild. However, I have had the opportunity to work (guide) with several guys who guide sheep and moose hunts in the Yukon and NWT. All of them swear by their Marlin lever action 45-70's as grizz guns. These are guys who sleep in grizzly country day in day out for months at a time and usually with several hundred pounds or meat not to far away.

I have also worked for the Alberta government and been required to take a bear safety course. Based on that course, I wouldn't trust my life to bear spray. One of the things we did in this course was fire off a can of it at a target 5 meters away. This was stuff that was advertised as being effective to 10 or 15 meters (I can't remember for sure) and I can tell you without a doubt that maybe 1 of 10 cans actually painted a recognizable pattern at a distance of 5m. on average 2-3 m was the distance required to get a good blast on the target. too close for me.

The second thing we did was shoot a twelve guage with 3'' slugs at 15m and then 5m. We were given 10 seconds to get two shots into a pie plate at 15m and two into a smaller circle at 5m (two in the magazine, two in your pocketses). Easier said than done.

Finally, we were told that if we were ever in a position where we felt it was our life or the bear's to put as many shots as possible in the triangular area from just below the bottom jaw to between the two shoulders. We were told that this was the best chance of breaking down a charging bear. Hopefully i'll never have to find out if it works as i'd likely be too busy filling my pants to shoot accurately.

Again I am no expert, this is just my $.02 based on what i've been told.
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

When in doubt go with the proverbial

'30-06' everything
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