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30-06 and grizzly

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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

you are all (as my good friend arnold says) girly men, you speak of using guns against grizzly bears.... hosh posh.... when i go in country i bring a hatchet and a good k-bar killin knife... when a bear charges me, i kill him with my bare hands... i one time took on three of em at once, an' i'm still here...

**the above message was written with the most sarcasm possible, if a grizzly charged me, i'de prolly piss my pants**
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

I have never had the experience, but note that in the current issue of "Successful Hunter" magazine, there is an article by a guide in Alaska who has shot more than a dozen big bears with his '06 over the years, usually when his clients choke trying to shoot thier cannons. He prefers 200gr partitions. I always go loaded "for bear" when in bear country, which is why I don't use anything smaller than 30-06. One of these days I will pick up a 338 and if I can shoot it well then that will be my gun of choice, until then I'll stick with what I am comfortable with. Given all that has happened in the news recently - for the record: If I am mauled and on life support after shooting the '06 at a bar, I don't want my feeding tube removed. Just had to make that clear.
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

I've been reading the "Bear Posts" on here for some time now and have enjoyed the opinions and suggestions of all, so now I would like to throw my 2-Cents in. Speaking as one who HAS been charged by a "Blackie" (at Kenai Lake, AK), I can tell you first hand that a charge from 75 feet away happens so quickly that lifting your gun for a hip shot is about the fastest you can expect your body can react. I would challenge some of you to look yourself in the mirror and decide just how well you can place that "Head Shot" at a blur running at you, clacking it's teeth. Additionaly, "Calm and Relaxed" are two words that DON"T come to mind when I think back on that day. The odds are against you even hitting a bear (regardless of your caliber size) in that situation. I would submit to all of you that a fogging pepper spray is more effective at staving off a charge (little to no accuracy needed).

In response to the caliber of choice, I still carry my 44 Red Hawk on my hip and a 30-06 under my arm (and now, pepper spray on my vest). I've dropped Caribou, Black Bear, and White Tails with my 06 and trust that it would easily take a Grizzly as long as situation were in my favor. Some of you "Sourdoughs" can remember 50 years ago, the "06" was taking Grizzlies and Coastal Browns, and was considered the "Big Boy" cartridge. The problem with the 06 is that it doesn't have the "Freight Train" knock out power that the medium and large bore calibers like the 338 and the 375 H/H have. The thought of chasing a Brown into the bush with only an "06" 180 grain Partition bouncing around somewhere between the rib cage, creates a bit of a "Pucker" factor. Remember, this is an animal with a resting heart rate of about 20 beats per minute; even with the heart and lungs gone, he'll have plenty of time to sample your liver and kidneys.
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

I had the opportunity to hunt in British Columbia in 1987 for grizzly. I was going to use my 7MM. Rem. Mag. for the hunt. The outfitter described the 7mm as marginal for this bear. His recommendation was the 375 H&H. That is what I used and might I add, very glad with the decision when I saw the bear that I eventually shot. I would think that the 30:06 would do the job IF the bear is not in an aggressive stance. When a grizzly adrenalines, you what more than the 30:06. I'm sure many big bear have been harvested with this great caliber, but I wouldn't go looking for this kind of trouble with this caliber.
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly


To the best of my knowledge, you are no longer allowed to pursue the Big 5 with something as small as an 06.
Even them little 250 pound lepord? Some old African hunters used a lot smaller rifles on them than on elephants. Had something to do with killing quickly.
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

This last fall while hunting in AK., one of our pilots had been mauled by a griz. and told us the story. It goes something like this: He was working as a "bear guard" for a survey crew at the time, in AK. He was carrying a 12 guage loaded with 000 shot and also had spray. One of the survey crew noticed some disturbed earth in the area and asked him to go check it and clear it for danger. As he approached the area, he could see that there was indeed a den, this was spring time! At first he thought he was looking at a wolf den, but as he got closer, he could see the size of the hole and noticed that the tracks were actually cub tracks and not wolf tracks. His radio squeelched at about this time and he new that was not good as he was only about 10 yards from the hole. At this point, he saw the head of a bear come out of the hole so he started backing away slowly, then his radio squeelched again! He said faster than lightening, the bear was out of her hole and charging, he got 1 shot off before she was on him. He fell face down in the snow. He said it felt like a chain saw going up and down his back. Anyways, long story shortened, he had a back pack on and his snow shoes had folded over the back of his legs. He lived to tell about it, and the bear was found dead the next day. His one shot was lethal, and for what ever reason the bear didn't kill him. It didn't even bite him above the shoulders!! He got a bunch of stitches, and that was about it!!
Moral of his story, if you have pepper spray and a gun loaded for bear, your first reaction is going to be shoot the gun!! He said he wished he'd had the spray "drawn" and ready, but things happened so quick, that his gun was his first thought, and he only got one shot off!!
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

i have never seen a grizzlly in my life so i am not an expert. however i would much rather have any rifle in my hands when a bear changes then have a pistol straped to my side. by the time you got it out it would be to late.

and i would guess that most bears don't charge running broadsides so chances are you aren't going to break the shoulders down.

however i have lived and been very close to black bears all my life and i know they will almost always "fake attack" you where they will take 3-4 hard fast steps towards you and then stop and grunt. and i am sure 90% of hunters who had a bear do this at close range would shoot thinking they where charging. which only lead to a wounded pissed off bear not a good thing.

i wish you luck in not getting attacked, but if i where you i would carry the 30-06 with barnes 200+ gr. triple shot bullets or X bullets
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

i would personally feel fine using the 06. i read in a hunting magazine a short time ago written by a guide who only uses the 06. thats what he carries when he hunts and guides people. he also said that most people have too much gun to shoot accurately so they try to make up for the inaccuracy with more power. it's all in where you shoot is. if you use a quality solid bullet, well placed then you should be fine. i would also carry a good 44 mag handgun with good solid core bullets. but that's my opinion.
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

Interesting discussion. I'm not qualified to say what would best drop a charging grizzly, but regardless of what you go with, you need to be able to shoot extremely accurately and quickly. Personally, I would make pepper spray my first line of defense. It has no guarantees either.
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Default RE: 30-06 and grizzly

I suggest reading the May 2005 American Hunter magazine (NRA) on this topic. I've never been up close to a Grizzly and hope never to. However, after hunting Elk several late seasons in NW WY in the middle of Grizzly and Mtn. Lion country I wouldn't go into use area with out both magnum caliber and bear spray. (Or the 12 guage with 00 and slugs sound effective shorter range.)

I used a .300 Win Mag with Win Prem. 180 gr Fail Safe ammunition for Elk on those trips. I'd hope that it would stop a big bear, as it put down Elk in short order. However, I really wouldn't go looking to find out.

The spray wouldn't have done any good the last trip on top of a clear mountain side with winds gusting 30-35 mi/hr and snow. In such case, it would be just as likely the spray would come back into your own face or away from the bear you're trying to keep away.

I would always pray before going out to avoid such a situation, but if it did happen to have God's grace and courage to do what needed to be done. That's all I can say I'd do.

If I thought a large cal. firearm or ammunition would be more effective than a .06 or other, I wouldn't hesitate to find a way to buy them. How much is your life worth to you and those who know you?
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Quick Reply: 30-06 and grizzly

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