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Wolf attacks man

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Default Wolf attacks man

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Jogger fights off Timber Wolf Attack
London Free Press ^ | January 5, 2005 | Canadian Press

Posted on 01/05/2005 1:03:24 PM PST by DblDn11

Jogger fights off timber wolf attack

CP 2005-01-05 02:47:26

SASKATOON -- A man's evening jog became a struggle for his life in northern Saskatchewan when a timber wolf lunged at his head and sank its teeth into his leg. But Fred Desjarlais, 55, was able to fight off several attacks by the large predator and then wrestled it into submission long enough for a busload of co-workers to arrive and scare the beast away.

"I don't know what came over me or how I did it," Desjarlais said from his Saskatoon home where he was recuperating. "All I know is I had his head and I wasn't letting go until someone came to help me."

Desjarlais works for Cameco Corp.'s uranium milling facility in Key Lake, about 640 kilometres north of Saskatoon. He had just finished his shift at 7 p.m. New Year's Eve, and decided to jog the three kilometres back to camp instead of catching the shuttle bus, when he was attacked.

At one point, he and the wolf were face to face as the beast reared on its hind legs and looked down at him, he said.

"He had a big mouth and a big head," Desjarlais recalled.

"It was a bad attack -- it bit him twice really badly -- but Fred's a remarkable man," said Kimm Barker, Cameco's Key Lake safety officer. "It wasn't a very smart wolf because of all the people it could have picked, it chose one of the strongest."

Desjarlais was already into his run when he heard something and glanced back to see the animal creep out of the ditch and walk toward him.

"He was taunting me, (walking) in a circle around me. I looked around real quick and thought, 'I hope he's alone.' "

Desjarlais hollered and tried to scare the animal off, but it lunged at his head. He jumped to the side and dodged, but the wolf came back.

"That's when I knew he meant business," said Desjarlais, who eluded a second lunge. But the wolf quickly spun around and bit into his shoulder.

Desjarlais was wearing several layers of clothing which prevented the bite from breaking the skin, but it did leave significant bruising. The wolf then turned its attention to his lower body and bit him twice in the pelvis.

Both man and beast fell over and got back up. When his chance came again, Desjarlais locked onto the wolf's back, threw his arms around the animal's head and put it in a headlock.

"I pulled him down the way you would take down cattle (for roping) and I dropped onto his head, pinning him there," said Desjarlais, who held on for about 30 to 40 seconds before co-workers returning to camp on the bus spotted the pair.

"He was pretty much at the end of his string. His strength was draining," said Barker.

I thought some of you would like to see this it wont be long and this will be a every year thing.
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Default RE: Wolf attacks man

I thought some of you would like to see this it wont be long and this will be a every year thing.
That's the risk that you take when jogging in the woods where predators live. Be it wolf, cougars, bears, rutting elk and moose, calving moose and elk, so on and so on.

I doubt that a uranium mine is located in a citied down town area. Jogging through any wilderness area alone is not a good idea.
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Default RE: Wolf attacks man

Noooooooo, say it isn't so, everyone knows wolves would never do that!!!! Someone must have teased it, or abused it to have it do such a thing!!!!

We better turn about 50 more loose in that area, to show the residents that "normal wolves" really aren't that way!!!

Drilling Man
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Default RE: Wolf attacks man

Human Attacks

Wolf Attacks On Humans
by T.R. Mader, Research Division
Abundant Wildlife Society of North America

It has been widely discussed whether a healthy wild wolf has ever attacked a human on this continent. In fact, many say such attacks have never occurred in North America.

History states otherwise. Although attacks on humans are uncommon, they have occurred on this continent, both in the early years of settlement and more recently.

-- <> --

1. In 1942, Michael Dusiak, section foreman for the Canadian Pacific Railway, was attacked by a wolf while patrolling a section of track on a speeder (small 4-wheeled open railcar). Dusiak relates, "It happened so fast and as it was still very dark, I thought an engine had hit me first. After getting up out of the snow very quickly, I saw the wolf which was about fifty feet away from me and it was coming towards me. I grabbed the two axes (tools on the speeder), one in each hand and hit the wolf as he jumped at me right in the belly and in so doing lost one axe. Then the wolf started to circle me and go so close to me at times that I hit him with the head of the axe and it was only the wielding of the axe that kept him from me. All the time he was growling and gnashing his teeth. Then he would stop circling me and jump at me and hit him with the head of the axe. This happened five times and he kept edging me closer to the woods which was about 70 feet away. We fought this way for about fifteen minutes and I fought to stay out in the open close to the track. I hit him quite often as he came at me very fast and quick and I was trying to hit him a solid blow in the head for I knew once he got me down it would be my finish. Then in the course of the fight he got me over onto the north side of the track and we fought there for about another ten minutes. Then a west bound train came along traveling about thirty miles an hour and stopped about a train length west of us and backed up to where we were fighting. The engineer, fireman, and brakeman came off the engine armed with picks and other tools and killed the wolf."

It should be noted that the this wolf was skinned and inspected by an Investigator Chrichton, a Conservation Officer. His assessment was that the animal was a young healthy wolf in good condition although it appeared lean. ("A Record of Timber Wolf Attacking Man" JOURNAL OF MAMMOLOGY, Vol. 28, No. 3, August 1947)

-- <> --

2. Common Man Institute, in conjunction with Abundant Wildlife Society of North America, has done extensive research on wolves and their history for several years. We have gathered evidence on wolf attacks which occurred in North America.

A forester employed by the the Province of British Colombia was checking some timber for possible harvest in the 1980's. He was met by a small pack of three wolves. the forester yelled at the wolves to frighten them away. Instead, the wolves came towards him in a threatening manner and he was forced to retreat and climb a nearby tree for safety. The wolves remained at the base of the tree. The forester had a portable radio but was unable to contact his base due to the distance, until evening. When the call for help came in, two Conservation Officers with the Ministry of Environment were flown to the area by float plane to rescue the treed forester.

When the Conservation Officers arrived, the forester was still in the tree and one wolf, the apparent leader of the pack, was still at the base of the tree. The officers, armed with shotguns, shot at the wolf and missed. The wolf ran for cover and then started circling and howling near the two officers. After a couple missed shots the wolf was finally shot and killed.

The wolf tested negative for rabies. It appeared healthy in every respect, but was very lean. The Conservation Officers felt the attack was caused by hunger. (Taped interviews and a photo of the wolf on file at Abundant Wildlife Society of North America)

-- <> --

This is but one example from British Colombia: Wolves overran Vancouver Island in the 1980's. Attacks became so common that articles were published in Canadian magazines documenting such attacks. (Copies available upon request)

-- <> --

3. Wolf attacks have occurred in national parks too. In August, 1987, a sixteen-year-old girl was bitten by a wild wolf in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. The girl was camping in the park with a youth group and shined a flashlight at the wolf. The wolf reacted to the light by biting the girl on the arm. That bite was not hard and due to the thick sweater and sweatshirt the girl was wearing, she sustained two scratch marks on her arm. The wolf was shot by the Natural Resources personnel and tested negative for rabies. (Interview with Ron Tozer, Park Naturalists for Algonquin Provincial Park, 7/25/88)

Well-known wolf biologist Dr. David Mech took issue with this attack stating it couldn't really be considered an authentic attack since the girl wasn't injured more severely. It was exactly nine years when such an attack would take place.

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of several areas where people are encouraged to "howl" at the wolves in hopes of a response from the wild wolves in the area. In August, 1996, the Delventhal family of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, were spending a nine-day family vacation in Algonquin and joined a group of Scouts in "howling" at the wolves. They were answered by a solitary wolf.

That night the Delventhals decided to sleep out under the stars. Young Zachariah was dreaming when he suddenly felt excruciating pain in his face. A lone wolf had bit him in the face and was dragging him from his sleeping bag. Zach screamed and Tracy, Zach's mother, raced to his side and picked him up, saturating her thermal shirt with blood from Zach's wounds.

The wolf stood menacingly less than a yard away. Tracy yelled at her husband, Thom, who leapt from his sleeping bag and charged the wolf. The wolf retreated and then charged at Tracy and Zach. The charges were repeated. Finally the wolf left.

Thom turned a flashlight on the 11-year-old Zach and gasped "Oh my God!" The boy's face had been ripped open. His nose was crushed. Parts of his mouth and right cheek were torn and dangling. Blood gushed from puncture wounds below his eyes, and the lower part of his right ear was missing. Zach was taken to a hospital in Toronto where a plastic surgeon performed four hours of reconstructive surgery. Zach received more than 80 stitches in his face.

Canadian officials baited the Delventhals campsite and captured and destroyed a 60-pound male wolf. No further attacks have occurred since. (Cook, Kathy; "Night of the Wolf" READERS DIGEST, July 1997, p. pp. 114-119)

-- <> --

4. Humans have been attacked by wolves in Alaska. The late David Tobuk carried scars on his face from a wolf attack on him as a small child. The incident occurred around the turn of the century in interior Alaska. David was playing in his village near a river. An old wolf came into the village and bit David in the face and started to carry him off. Other Eskimos saw the wolf dragging the child off and started yelling and screaming. The wolf dropped the child and was shot by and old Eskimo trapper who had a gun. (Interview with Frank Tobuk, brother, Bettles, Alaska, December 1988)

-- <> --

5. Paul Tritt, an Athabascan Indian, was attacked by a lone wolf while working a trap line. Paul was setting a snare and looked up and saw a wolf lunging at him. He threw up his arm in front of his face and it was bitten severely by the wolf. A struggle ensued. Tritt was able to get to his sled and grab a gun and kill the wolf. Nathaniel Frank, a companion, helped Tritt wash the wound with warm water. Frank took Tritt via dog sled to Fort Yukon to see a doctor. The arm healed, but Tritt never regained full use of it. Several years later the arm developed problems and had to be amputated. (Interview with Paul Tritt, Venetie, Alaska, November 1989)

-- <> --


Biologists tell us that wolves of Asia and North America are one and the same species. Wolf attacks are common in many parts of Asia.

The government of India reported more than 100 deaths attributable to wolves in one year during the eighties. (Associated Press, 1985) This author recalls a news report in 1990 in which Iran reported deaths from attacks by wolves.

Rahsid Jamsheed, a U.S. trained biologist, was the game director for Iran. He wrote a book entitled, "Big Game Animals of Iran (Persia)" In it he made several references to wolf attacks on humans. Jamsheed says that for a millennia people have reported wolves attacking and killing humans. In winter, when starving wolves grow bold, they have been known to enter towns and kill people in daylight on the street. Apparently in Iran, there are many cases of wolves running off with small children. There is also a story of a mounted and armed policeman (gendarme) being followed by 3 wolves. In time he had to get off his horse to attend natures call, leaving his rifle in the scabbard. A later reconstruction of the scene of the gnawed bones and wolf tracks indicated that the horse had bolted and left the man defenseless, whereupon he was killed and eaten.

A Russian linguist, Will Graves, provided our organization with reports of wolves killing Russian people in many areas of that country. reports indicate some of the wolves were diseased while other appeared healthy. (Reports on file and available upon request)

Reports have also come from rural China. The official Zinhua News Agency reported that a peasant woman, Wu Jing, snatched her two daughters from the jaws of a wolf and wrestled with the animal until rescuers arrived. Wu slashed at the wolf with a sickle and it dropped one daughter but grabbed her sister. It was then Wu wrestled with the animal until herdsmen came and drove the beast away. This incident occurred near Shenyang City, about 380 miles northeast of Beijing. (Chronicles Features, 1992)

The question arises, "Why so many attacks in Asia and so few in North America?"

Two factors much be considered:

1. The philosophy of Conservation - Our forefathers always believed that they had the right and obligation to protect their livelihoods. Considerable distance was necessary between man and wolf for the wolf to survive.

2. Inexpensive, efficient weapons gave man the upper hand in the protection of his livelihood and for the taking of wolves.

Milton P. Skinner in his book The Yellowstone Nature Book (published in 1924) wrote, "Most of the stories we hear of the ferocity of these animals ... come from Europe. There, they are dangerous because they do not fear man, since they seldom hunted except by the lords of the manor. In America, the wolves are the same kind, but they have found to their bitter cost that practically every man and boy carries a rifle..."

Skinner was correct. The areas of Asia where wolf attacks occur on humans are the same areas where the people have no firearms or other effective means of predator control.
================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== =====

The main reason I posted this artical was because of the last line
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Default RE: Wolf attacks man

I dont know how that got so big sorry guys.
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Default RE: Wolf attacks man

The reason I posted these articals for more fire power I seen in other post about how wolves have never attack or harm people this states otherwise .

I know were all on the same side some of us could care less if there was wolf at all in the lower 48(ME and some others) and those that think its allright just need to keep them in check well either way something needs to be done we all agree on that the more info we get out there maybe we will get some responce sooner then later.
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Default RE: Wolf attacks man

i got one question... how could a wolf rear on its hind legs?? canines can`t do that....
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Default RE: Wolf attacks man

My parents had a dog that could walk clear across the living room on its back legs.
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Default RE: Wolf attacks man

Yeah dogs can do that. Heck, there was a news clip I seen online of a two legged dog that walked solely on its hind legs since it had no front legs. It looked kind of disturbing actually.

I used to have a Boxer breed dog and there called that because they rear up on their hind legs and try to lead into you with their front paws, as if trying to box you.
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Default RE: Wolf attacks man

i got one question... how could a wolf rear on its hind legs?? canines can`t do that....
I take it you don't own a dog or spend much time around them.
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