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Muzzle break for hunting!

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Default Muzzle break for hunting!

Has any of you had a muzzle break put on their rifle? How did it perform in the field while hunting big game? Any problems with it? Did it help you feel confidant in shooting your rifle? What are the pro's and con's of having it on your rifle? I asked this question on the Gun forum, now I need to hear from the hunters, what do you feel about the muzzle break?

Dr. Mike
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Default RE: Muzzle break for hunting!

I have hunted with a muzzle break now for 5 years. One thing you have 2 watch when u get a break put on is how consistent your groups are. I had a break put on my gun and it sprayed bullets everywhere i was very upset and took it back 2 the gunsmith. Here there was a slught burr in the break. I had it removed and now my gun shoots 1/2 inch groups all day at 100yds. One of the cons is the loud noise. It does drastically help reduce the recoil. Just get yourself a pair of good earplugs like the pairs u can get that miners use that are already on a plastic thing 2 help hold them in your ears. Thats what i use and they work great. Having a break doesnt hurt ne thing. i would get one. I have no regrets. Best of Luck!
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Default RE: Muzzle break for hunting!

I know a guy that has a Browning 7mm with a break. The gun shoots awesome but the blast from it is terrible. He also complains about pine needles getting stuck in the break. They will make about any gun shoot better.

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Default RE: Muzzle break for hunting!

A muzzle brake will not improve the accuracy of a rifle.It will decrease recoil and greatly increase the noise to the point where a single shot without hearing protection will cause your ears to ring.
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Default RE: Muzzle break for hunting!

Had one put on a featherweight 7 mm mag that kicked like a mule. Now it is about like a 243. If you have one of the KDF type brakes, you should probably use it at the range and take it off for hunting to prevent the muzzle blast from ruining your ears. You could take ear plugs in the field, but I always forget. After shooting 2-3 times in the field with no ear plugs your ears will ring for a week, which probably means that it is damaging your hearing.

My muzzlebrake didn't affect accuracy, but it sure did stop me from flinching.

I have heard good things about the Gentry brake. supposed to be quieter. There is also another brake that may be even quieter, but I can't remember who makes it. Will try and find out and post it.
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Default RE: Muzzle break for hunting!

I had considered getting a muzzle brake installed on a new barrel I had ordered but after reading about the muzzle brake and how loud it gets I decided not to got ahead with it. I have never shot a rifle nor have I ever heard some one at the range with a muzzle brake but after reading on having to wear hearing protection during hunting is not for me. When I’m hunting I like to be aware of my surrounding and having to wear ear protecting would impair my hearing. That the last thing I need when hunting.

Check this link if you would like to read more on the muzzle brake.
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Default RE: Muzzle break for hunting!

Walker power muffs or Rem R2000 electronic muffs. They both work great. You have super hearing when hunting and total protection when shooting! Best of both worlds.
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Default RE: Muzzle break for hunting!

If you asked this question on this sites gun forumn, you asked hunters.
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Default RE: Muzzle break for hunting!

To quote one of my instructors....................

"The only rifle that needs a muzzle brake on it is a centerfire varmint rifle. Only so your rifle stays on target to let you can see the pretty pink mist after the shot."

You should be able to shoot any big game rifle comfortably with out a brake if your stock fits you and you use proper tecnique. A good recoil pad will do wonders at reducing felt recoil.
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Default [Deleted]

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