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Dirty Thirty

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Default Dirty Thirty

This is BCG 308 Winchester XP-100, using a Remington Take-Off 308 Winchester barrel chopped to 15.8" Holland's Radial Baffle Brake, Leupold Mark IV 4.5-15, McMillan stock, and a factory trigger.

Video Below: Factory TAP with 168 A-Max.
Reloads: 1x fired Hornady Match 308 Win brass, CCI primer, H-4895, 155 A-Max at 2720 fps.
Groups were at 100 yards.

The last 3-shot group was by Dan Ekstrom, with his MagnetoSpeed attached and the group size was close to mine. This XP-100 shoots great!
Next up is doing some drop confirmations at distance.
Impact velocities will allow me to kill out to mid-range distances. Impact velocity at 550 yards should just a tad over 1800 fps.
It will be used for my personal enjoyment and hunting, but will also be a loaner XP-100 for WY-SHOT.
In The Video, I am shooting some older TAP 168 ammunition, so we could set up the resize die properly.
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Sunday afternoon I went out with a couple of guys from church. One needed to do load development and chronographing and the other one wanted me to chronograph a couple of guns with my Labradar. I wanted to do some drop confirmations with the Dirty Thirty/308 Winchester. We had winds from the north west, which was a quartering headwind for us. I was shooting to the north. After the guys got all of their stuff done, Glen spotted for me while I started doing some drop confirmations. The quartering headwind noticeably pushed my bullets down as I extended distances, but I still had fun.
Even at 300 yards it took me more elevation to hit my target, then it should’ve. By 400 yards I had a sense of how much I should add at 500 yards. At 500 yards my first shot at the 10-inch diamond target was close to a center hit.

The 5-inch square target to the right was hit by a guy shooting a 7mm SAUM rifle with 195 Berger’s.
I did drop confirmations out to 800 yards, but with wind continuing to pick up, I stop there. We shot Glenn’s 41 magnum Smith & Wesson revolver, and had some fun. I decided I wanted to shoot one more shot with my 308 Winchester XP. I picked the upper right small dot on the big rectangular target at 500 yards.

It always feels good, when you just have a sense of what it should be and you are right, and the shot is very close to where you were aiming at a mid-range distance.
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O M G!!! Whats that?
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A customized Remington XP-100
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I love to enjoy this game
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