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How to hunt a big game?

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Default How to hunt a big game?

I am a new hunter, have you guys ever hunted a big game? How to hunt a big game?
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Wow...that's hard. First thing is to know your game animal that you plan on hunting. Know what it eats what habitat it likes and its anatomy. Then go out before the season to different areas where your target species may be found (be sure to get permission from any landowners) and walk around looking for sign. Example: for deer, look for fresh droppings, old scrapes and rubs and their travel pattern.
If you plan on archery hunting and hunting from a tree stand try and find a location downwind about 20 yards where 2 or more of these trails come together or look for a natural funnel. (a narrowing of an area that force deer to remain in cover. Like an area with a road on one side and a creek or other obstacle on the other or a strip or woods between two fields or similar.
If rifle hunting you can do the same thing or you can still hunt which is slowly moving through the woods one or two steps at a time and looking all around. Most people don't have the patience to do this correctly because they are used to this fast paced world. If you've gone 100 yards in 20 mins you're moving way too fast.
You will need know your hunting regulations. Know when the season is and what is a legal animal. This varies from state to state. And finally practice with your weapon of choice. And I don't mean off a shooting bench if you're using a rifle. Yes sight it in using a rifle but then shoot it at various field positions. Sitting, kneeling, off hand. I've been hunting for 55 years and I've yet to shoot a deer or other animal off a bench rest. Good luck.
Another thing that you can do for practice is get yourself quality 22 lr that is similar to your centerfire rifle and go squirrel hunting with it. They are just as challenging still hunting as deer and a much smaller target.
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