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Guessestimate Size

Old 10-12-2019, 08:10 AM
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Default Guessestimate Size

I say roughly 400 lbs.
Attached Thumbnails Guessestimate Size-mfdc6564.thumb.jpg.3c267c45ba0efc44c6aed170fcbccdd4.jpeg   Guessestimate Size-mfdc6559.thumb.jpg.8bc2be649641bde96b9a2ebb343efd93.jpeg  
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well bears are just so tricky to judge based on pictures, they come in so many sizes and shapes, some are longer, taller, wider and so on, frames matter in size and well, pictures make that super hard to judge
IMO I say this bear is in the 300-325 lb range, its a WIDER bear than it seems to be longer or taller, making it more stubby like and as such they look fatter than they are , but has a tapered body still(400+ bears seem to have more straight body lines )
its head is nice but NOT old to me or very large

I have a young male that is on my desk all the time, a lot like this one, very WIDE body at front shoulders, and yet he is only about 225 lbs, and a under 3 yrs old
most would say he is HUGE when he stands facing you or slightly towards you, like in your one pic
but just not there yet!

very nice bear none the less, but don't think he is 400 lbs range, a few more weeks, NEVER know, this time of yr they add weight amazingly FAST
one female here last yr put on about a 130 lbs, in 4 weeks, just amazing what they can do, she looked like she was going to bust open she was so fat!(had two cubs too) and came out of winter this spring still looking FAT,
By June she was down to about a 120 lbs, from here near 400 at winter time, and right now pushing about 230 or so,
they change size in dramatic ways

hey best of luck your hunting season is soon, or NOW I gather!
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I agree, I would say 325-230.
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Best thing would be to put it on a scale and let us know!
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when setting up bait sites, its always good idea IF legal and possible, to add things that hep show size better
hanging things in tree's at known heights to see if they stand up , how close they get to it then , helps tell if there tall/., long, or short bears and the like !
anything an only help,a s again when a bear looks one angle, then even slight changes, they can sure look from small to larger to HUGE and be the same bear!
logs that have measurements on help as well
but 100% nothing beats having them on a scale LOL
there just so hard to judge and 999% of folks always THINK heavier/larger than they really are,!
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Nice looking bear. My guess is 225 to 250. Obviously well fed but at least to me ears don't look small as compared to head so I don't think it is a big bear. It takes an exceptionally big bear to make 400.

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