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Hunting Shows On TV

Old 07-11-2019, 05:50 PM
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Default Hunting Shows On TV

I enjoy most of the hunting shows on tv... Some are terrible, but some are pretty good. Having said that, I wish I could reach out and tell every producer that we don't need to see guys check their rifles or bows to make sure they are dead on before they hunt.. We get it. Just about every show has guys shooting their weapons before they hunt.....boring. And we don't need to see them driving down the highway, walking through airports, etc... We get it.. You have to drive or fly to get to where you hunt. And we don't need to see a repeat of the footage you've shown before a commercial after the show resumes... We might be old, but we can remember what happened 3 minutes ago... And we don't need to hear a bunch of loud, blaring guitars while we're watching your shows.. Figure something else out. And my biggest pet peeve is that blessed whispering. Hear this....WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!!. Knock it off and find someone to narrate your shows.. A good narrator is far better than someone trying to whisper. Some guys were never met to be on tv....just because someone can doesn't mean they should. Hunting is about having fun. Some of those guys take it all way too seriously.. They need to lighten up a little (a lot) and add in a little humor. Some do, but most don't...

Having said all of that, I really enjoy the high quality HD footage (especially on some of the hunts in other countries, Alaska, etc.).. It's neat to see places and things I'll never be able to go and see myself. Now if the Sportsman Channel would get their act in gear and have their shows in HD!!!
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Old 07-12-2019, 03:10 AM
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I find that most of them are nothing more than infomercials. Their main purpose seems to be selling or promoting something rather than being informative or entertaining.
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Old 07-12-2019, 06:09 AM
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That's true for sure... I record the shows I like and FF through all of the commercials. I watch very few deer hunting shows....seen one deer killed from a tree stand, you've seen them all.. ditto for the Turkey hunting shows. Ditto for those shows where they have their own land and hunt over food plots... Can't stand them. Boring. As I said, I do enjoy those shows filmed in wilderness areas, some of the ones in other countries, etc...
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I pretty much quit watching deer hunting shows on the TV. I cannot relate to them as I hunt heavily pressured deer and we just dont see monster bucks walking out into fields in broad daylight like they always seem to show on most of them. I prefer to watch a lot of youtube videos of hunts more in line with what I experience. Two of my favorites are Catman Outdoors and the LeatherWoods Outdoors vids. Catmans videos are not the best produced, but he just shows what he sees and there isnt any mundane crap to forward through.He also hunts a lot on public land and he doesnt always kill anything either. The LeatherWoods boys are all pretty respectful hunters and show some really good footage of real hunting in my opinion. There are a lot of others on youtube as well, some better than others.
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Old 07-12-2019, 03:43 PM
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I haven't watched them for years, They aren't real hunting situations for the most part, a few are and occasionally I watch them, but rarely and only specific hunters. Infomercials is the correct description of almost all of them. If I had someone scouting for months and baiting a site and setting up a stand over the bait, there is no doubt I could kill book worthy deer too.
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Old 07-12-2019, 05:02 PM
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I personally cannot watch most of the shows, I see way too many BS factors to the things they say/claim, and I can state this for a FACT, I was actually part of a hunting video series for a few yrs, and know a bunch of the TV guys personally!
Trust me , what you see and hear , and what really happens at times are FAR from the truth being told all the time!
more about putting on a show and making believe things!

and all the pushing for products and the soiled folks hunting prime lands then crying about not killing a trophy deer in a few days like there entitled to get one cause there on TV!
Most of them IMO, have never earned there skills thru hard work, doing it all themselves! and not relying on outfitters or others to do all the work and many are generations deep!
the days of hunting being HUNTING to me are gone in today's generations
they all want everything NOW< feel a need to have the latest gadget and tech, and all about HI fives and showing off what they did or didn;t do!
the joy of the HUNT< the challenge, of a hunter against a wild animal in its Natural habitat seem farther away now than ever to me by MOST show hunters, or maybe they should just be called shooters!

do some show have entertainment value, > MAYBE< all comes down to what you like and I guess what generation of HUNTER your! IMO!
OH and MY biggest pet peeve with these show's is all the UN needed shots, of the cameraman looking down the barrel of a gun or a bow at full draw!
basic gun safety rules out the window, never POINT a weapon at a person?
idiots sadly do what they see on TV and MAYBE down know what a remote camera is!
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I never watch them. I am betting most are filmed in places that aren't fair chase so I compare that to filming a "harvest" at a mid west stock yard.
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Old 07-16-2019, 02:39 PM
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so much fluff on these modern shows, half the time I fast forward or change the channel.

I wish a new show would come out that reminds us of the early days, low budget, just quality hunting etc...

I don't need to hear the producers favorite horrible music, etc...

or jokes that are terrible, etc... I want to learn, or watch some real hunting.

honestly I use to love the hunting networks, now I barely can watch any of them.

I bet some of these 30min shows have, 5mins of watchable footage.

I know they have to fill each show but, geez.
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Old 07-16-2019, 02:56 PM
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I got tired of the high fives and the fist pumps from so called experts who hunt areas that are pre scouted by others, are baited before they arrive to hunt and would cost a fortune for the average person to hunt that property. I hate commercials on TV, I hate infomercials even more.
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