Big Game Hunting Moose, elk, mulies, caribou, bear, goats, and sheep are all covered here.


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Good "overview" - IMO
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It is just fine. I have seen a ton of elk and I mean a ton of elk killed, wounded and missed with all various calibers out there. If your trying to drive a bullet from it's butt to its head and make the kill you know your wrong even if your using the biggest baddest caliber out there. It's a matter of good field judgement and "practical marksmanship". Either way even a guy carrying a 338 Edge is going to mess up eventually and given that it's still a wounded elk that never gets recovery or recovery in time to save the meat.

Does it seem light on paper at 400 yards it sure does. But so does most 270's and 308's ammo that come from the factory. What about the 243 win guy that smokes a elk every year from 0 to 500 yards. It's about shot placement. One shot behind the shoulder right into the lungs a 100% kill shot. I have seen elk run for awhile shot in the lungs but I've never seen one get away. EVER. If you miss the vitals a 50 cal is not a guarantee you'll recover the animal. I'm so tired of seeing needing a bigger bullet when the truth is you need to practice more and make a good shot. That is the bottom line. We are not talking shooting grizzly bears or cape buffalo this is a animal that's not going to hunt you down.
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I have a freezer full of Elk. 7mm-08 Nosler Partition. Less than 50 yard shot. The bullet fragmented like it's supposed too. and the Elk ran maybe 30 yards.

The exit wound was rather small, because the partition fragments as designed. So only the core exits. If I had to follow a blood trail, I'd say it wouldn't happen.

However, 7mm-08, I practice for hours before the season. I'm not flitching because the recoil is nil. & I love the rifle. And I'll be using it for Elk & Bear this year.

When deer season comes along, I'll downsize to my .243
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