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Non guided hunt

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Ok, we've both had our say here. We've talked in PM's, and this is the end of it.

Jumping to conclusions about someone on a forum is never a good thing. It's better to give the benefit of the doubt, and not say anything.
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Originally Posted by 00possum View Post
Haha, Idaho has some summer bear hunting seasons. I called and the lady gave it to me straight. Go to Idaho, buy a license and hunt. She said dang near everything is public hunting land, and I'll get an envelope in a few weeks helping me out. I figure with my luck we'll get there and it'll look like west texas. I think it said you can use dogs, but if you need to use dogs to catch a bear then I might be in trouble. An I don't think my bloodhound would be up for that haha. If anyone has information on public hunting land in Utah that'd be amazing. Thank y'all for y'all's help!
You are misinformed about a summer season...theres a spring bear season and a fall season. If you are talking about a draw tag theres only three areas for that and either bait is prohibited and dogs are you have to be lucky to get drawn for one of 215 tags...for "fall" season.

Let me tell you I hunted/baited for them in the spring...didn't get any bears even look at the bait...I hunted them in the fall and of the 2 months of season I had ONE day they came out right before dark...where I shot my first bear. That was after 3weeks of them hitting the bait... Sure they are around but seeing them are few and far between in daylight. if you are only hunting a week...your odds of getting a bear without bait or dogs is pretty much zero...from my limited experience hunting bears. I am however hooked on the challenge of getting next year will be my second year hunting them...
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On the subject of bears. In Colorado there's no dogs, or baiting either. It's just a fall hunt.

You have two methods you can use. You can spot and stalk, or a more exciting way is to call them in. Use a predictor call. The bears will come charging in to the call, and that's the exciting part. They're looking for an injured animal, and are hungry. They must be trying to beat any other bears in the area to the food source. You best be ready to shoot fast, and hope they don't come in on your blind side.

Fun stuff.

On a positive side. The tags are not hard to get.

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This thread is temporarily locked at 4 pages so it doesn't grow to 8 or 10 pages of flaming before I can get back to it after I get off work. Any other mod or admin is welcome to jump in and moderate if they would like. If not, I'll moderate it when I get home from work and have the time.

The thread is now open again after a few pages of moderating. Play nice gentlemen.

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