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7mm-08 , 270 win for elk.

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Default 7mm-08 , 270 win for elk.

Planning an elk hunt for the wife and I, . She shoots 7mm-08 very well. I shoot 270 win. The elk hunt would be outfitted because I have no experiece with elk. I also do not own mules or horses. This woul be a 1 time hunt and would rather not invest in new guns.

What are your thought on the 7mm-08 24" barrel 140gr tsx or 150gr sierra b/t.

270 win 24" barrel 140 gr hornady inter-bond or 150gr nosler partition.

Most of are hunting is Antelope, mule, and whitetail deer. Possible black bear in a few years,. Mostly DYI hunts or Tresspass fee hunts.

We practice 2 to 3 times a month out to 300 yards . Off sticks packs lay on ground ect,. WE DO handload. nd year at that.
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Soory about typeooS. not very good at the computer stuff.
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You two will be fine with the two guys you have. I would not advise anyone to buy a bigger rifle for a one time elk hunt. You are both on the lite side for elk, shooting a quality bullet and placing the bullet in the vitals will make both the 270 & 7mm-08 a good choice for your hunt.
Good Luck
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I'd say your choice of rifles and loads is right on. I wouldn't change a thing.
My wife likes my 7-08 for such work. She does well with it too.
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I have seen a lot of dead elk and the largest dead I have ever seen was killed by a 7mm-08 at about 100 yards in the timber (by a first time hunter who was "a little lost" at the time). The antlers were amazing and the bull's body was huge. One shot from his 7mm-08 with a 160 grain Partition dropped the bull in his tracks.

My favorite .270 bullet for bull elk is the Nosler Partition 150 grain. It works.
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BOTH will anchor any wapiti walking if you put the bullet where it counts!

I'd only recommend heavier bullets but that's just opinion. I'd put a 160TSX in the 08 & 150 TSX in the 270. Either will be duck soup for 300yds!
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Either caliber will work fine given "proper" bullet construction.

All comes down to practice, practice, practice...................
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Watch out. You might get hooked on elk hunting and find that this is the only kind of hunting you want to do going forwards!
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I don't use either, but I'll echo that you should be fine with the rifles you have already. I don't use Sierra GKs in my hunting loads any longer, the 165gr .308s (in .308, .30-06, and .300 Wby) and 300gr .375s have lost their jackets every time. Never used the TSX. Hornadys and Noslers have always worked for me.

Practice, practice, practice ... and conditioning, conditioning, conditioning
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I know a guy that has 25 bull elk killed with 270 win. From 5 yard to 650 yards he's never lost one yet. "With good shot placement it will do just fine". Hmmmmm isn't that statement true with all calibers in all hunting situations? Yes bullet construction will make a difference in some circumstances. But accuracy is the only factor that should matter.
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