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Need A New Gun

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Default Need A New Gun

Hey guys,
This is my first post here, so I just wanted to let you know I love the site and it feels good to finally become a member. That being said, I have a need for a new big game rifle. My brother and I, along with a few friends plan on taking our first elk trip to Montana next year and I wanted to start to get my ducks in a row. I am from Iowa, so I just have a 12 and 20 gauge and a .22. Needless to say, I need a rifle to accomodate this trip. I have been looking for a gun that will be great for elk, but could accomodate deer as well. I have been looking at the .30-06, it seems to have a pretty good reputation for elk and that will be it's primary objective. So, my question comes in two parts:
A. Is this going to be a good elk gun?
B. Who makes the best left handed model for $600 tops, I don't want to break the bank, yet I want very good and very functional. I've been looking at the Savage 110. Is this a good option?
Thanks for the help guys and remember that it if you have any other ideas for a good calibur or a good gun, please let me know! Steve.
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Savage 110 will be great for you. And the '06 is a good choice too.
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Welcome lefty. Yes. Good choice. So is 7mm Rem Mag in the same rifle.
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This should be enlighting.......................

Good luck and be safe !
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The "caliber/rifle" question is probably the most overthought "dilemma" on these boards. But, you started with a very solid suggestion out of the gate.

I'm not familiar with Savage centerfire rifles. They seem to have a fairly dedicated following, just as do nearly every other brand. Left-hand limits you a bit.

The .30-06 is likely the most versatile chambering on the planet. With bullet weights ranging from 110 to 220 grains, there isn't much on this continent that wouldn't be within your reach. Its recoil won't wreck your shoulder. Factory ammo is available everywhere.

Everyone is entitled to their pet elk round, and many of them do work well. In general though, magnums bring with them enough recoil to induce flinching. They're more expensive to feed, which for a budget-conscious hunter might make the difference between adequate and inadequate practice. The .270 is also a popular standard, but many view it as more suitable for deer-sized game. Again, and JMO, the .30-06 is your best balance between usable power and shootability.

If I were looking to outfit a rifle for an elk hunt, it'd likely be a synthetic-stocked .30-06. I'd top it with a quality mount and a 3-9x40mm optic. A good sling is an investment, not an accessory. I'd try to keep the weight down as much as possible. Stainless would be okay, but I've never had an issue with blued finish.

Elk hunting is physically demanding. Good boots are a must, as is a fair degree of physical conditioning. I've never walked as much for any game as I do for elk. That's a huge part of the challenge and the fun. Carry what you'll need to dress an elk and basic survival gear, but keep your pack as light as you can.

Be ready for some breathtaking scenery and a hunting experience like you've probably never imagined!
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The Savage 110 is a wonderful and accurate choice. I have hunted with various calibers but the trusty old '06 goes elk hunting in Colorado with me each Fall. My Son and I both use Federal 165 gr. Nosler Partition's.
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I live in mt and use a 300wsm.its a shorter rifle and easier to get through dark timber u wouldnt think a inch shorter action would make a difference but to me it does also like my barrel lenght shorter to 22 inches to be exact just like shorter gun easier to shoot offhand but thats me.Savage does makes a good factory rifle at a decent price.
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The Savage Model-110 chambered in 30-06 is a good choice. Savage is known for making cheap accurate rifles. The 30-06 is neither too much gun or too little gun for elk. The 30-06 will also work just fine on deer, antelope and black bear.
You should also be looking at quality leather hunting boots, wool clothing, rain gear and a good day pack.

Lots to think about and research, the rifle selection part is the easy part.

good luck,

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Savage is a good choice. Anything 30-06 and up will be good for elk. I personally love the 300wm (180gr for elk and 165gr for deer) but that is just my preference.
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I'm a lefty also. My rifle is a Model 700 in 30/06. I use 180 grain bullets for elk. It's been my rifle since 1977. A few years ago i decided i wanted a new rifle. I was looking at both the Savage & Tikka. I picked the Tikka again in 30/06. Scopes, the Remington has a Leupold VarX-III 2.5x8. The Tikka has a Nikon Monark 6X. Take a serious look at the Tikka. CB
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