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1st Elk hunt

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I've been checking out the website, good info there. Thanks for all the other tips.
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Originally Posted by flatlander88 View Post
Great info. If I am lucking and do end up getting an elk but it's late in the day I would just hang everything in some trees and come back for it the next morning right? I'll need to call the Wildlife and parks department but the tag usually stays with the head, right? I'll be hunting in Colorado.
"Just hang everything in some trees..." When it comes to Elk, everything is hard hard work, never simple. Hanging an Elk 1/4 quarter would be tough.
So, be careful how "late in the day" you take a shot at an Elk. They can be very tough and go quite a distance, even with fatal shots. You got to get it opened up field dressed and cooled off within 1-2 hrs at the very most.
That heavy hide and coat will cause the meat to sour, if you leave it intact for many hours, even when it's cold outside.
If you need to leave it overnight and can get 1/4s or boned game bags of meat up in trees, it'll keep it away from some predators (not all). Birds (e.g. eagles, ravens, magpies, etc.) can start tearing it up if left exposed for long.
If you are in non-motorized areas only and not too rugged or steep, a heavy duty 2 wheel cart can work too with a couple guys to pull/guide (mostly down hill).
Be safe... be safe... Have fun.... Good success.
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I'd pay a guide to do all the work, and walk out with my rifle.
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You might consider taking some course ground pepper in your pack. On my last elk hunt we went light and of course killed a nice 5x5. My son-in-law took all our stuff back to truck to get both of our external frame packs. Some how in our haste we had left our game bags and pepper in the truck. I started skinning but had a heck of a time keeping the flies off while i worked. It was very hot so I couldn't wait. The pepper would have really helped keep them flies away. I would skin as far as I could in one area then lay the hide back on that area and go to another. Applied some pepper as soon as he got back and the flies were'nt a problem.
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