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Moose Bear Combo Gun??

Old 03-22-2009, 08:27 PM
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Default Moose Bear Combo Gun??

Just found out I will be heading to Newfoundland this fall for a Bear/Moose Combo Hunt. Looking for input on what gun to take. My options are: .300 WSM, .45-70, .308 Win, and a .375 H&H. Everything else I have is too small. Do I need a "cannon"? Shooting distances?
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Default RE: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

I'd take the 375 with the 300 WSM as a back up.
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Default RE: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

I'll second that...
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Default RE: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

There is a potential for some fairly long shots ( 250-300 yards)..

For that reason I'd leave the 45-70 home...The .375 would work if you can shoot it well, but it's more than you need..Most .375s are fairly heavy, and there is usually a LOT of walking in diffiicult terrain in a Newfoundland hunt..A heavy rifle can be a burden..

The 300 WSM is probably close to ideal, but there's nothing wrong with the .308, either, especially it it is an old friend that you are very familiar with and can shoot well.... In any case I'd suggest shooting premium bullets like the Nosler partition or Barnes TSX ...

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Default RE: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

Been up to Newfy twice for moose. For whatever it's worth, the most popular caliber used by the locals is .308 Win. Second is the .303 Brit. You really don't need any more than that. I used a .338 Win Mag, and dropped two moose like the Hammer of Thor. I found that most shots that were takenwere in the 100 yard or closer range, and when I go again, and I will, I am going to use my Ruger #3 in 45-70.
Hope this info helps.
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Default RE: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

I have been to northern Newfoundland a few times. The most popular caliber is the 30-06 I notice. Loaded with 180gr pills. They kill bear, moose, and caribou with it. I myself took a 30-06 once, and a 300RUM a few times. I never got the first shot under 200yards. I had a bunch of shots at 500 yards, I passed up. A few times I would have cows within 100 yards. Once a moose tore out of the black spruce within yards. Scared the crap out of me.

I say shoot 180gr bullet at least. Get the lightest gun you can. I packed a heavy barrel custom up there once that wieghted over 12lbs, and won't do it again. Expect shots from 100 - 300 yards. And be ready for them
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Default RE: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

Of those choices I would go with the 300 WSM. If you handload I would load 180 or 200grain A-Frames. If not I would just buy boring old 180 grain Partitions.
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Default RE: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

300WSM more than enough..
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Default RE: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

I recently started shooting a 375 H&H. I have always been intrieged by the round watching them use it and live by this round, on the dark continent. I figured if its good'nuff for there then there is nothing here going to stand against it! Welp, My "Pre-Obama" purchase was a CZ 550 Safari in 375H&H. Itraded for itjust before election time. Due to the weather, I hadn't had a chance to get it out until this last weekend.
I put a temperary 2x7 scope on it, bore sighted it, and went to the range. I sighted it in off a lead sled and within two rounds it was an inch high/100, right where I wanted it. I was a bit leary of always hearing the 375 was a thumper on the recoil end. As I am "a girl" when it comes to heavy recoil. I was plensently surprised! I put 14 rounds thru it and didn't even feel it the next day. I would compare it to a 30-06 using 220 grain load. Very managable but it lets you know it's there. Iwas shooting it off sticks standing up and sitting.Either wayboth are very easy too take.
A couple other gentlemen were near by and asked what I was shooting. I let them both put a few down the tube of it also. They both praised how comfortable and gentle this gun was to shoot.

This is my first CZ rifle of any caliber. I am an instant fan! It is an out of the box 1.5" gun(which for a big bame gun reasonable). With handloads I can do much better! The feel of the rifle is perfect. The stock configuration I would have to think contributes to the tame recoil. As the line of the stock is directly behind the bore with no drop. The two stage/set trigger is an instant hit for me. It breaks at probably 2.5-3 lbs with NO! ZERO creep. You better be on target when you put your finger on it. It WILL go off!

The 375 H&Hgets my vote.
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Default RE: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

I can't imagine why you would need anything more than a .308.
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Quick Reply: Moose Bear Combo Gun??

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