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Best unit in Colorado

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Default Best unit in Colorado

I'm sure everyone has there best or favorite unit to hunt elk in colorado, so lets here them. If you have a success story be sure to include it also.
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Default RE: Best unit in Colorado

fav elk unit in CO? any of the states surrounding CO....haha.

I do build elk pts in CO though, eventually I'll hunt one of the better units...whatever those are down the road...

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Default RE: Best unit in Colorado

My favorites are 80 and 81...basically because they are like home for me.

Your thread asked "best". Your post asked "favorite". They are not the same.

For quality and quantityof animals 84.

For the fact that it is home 80.
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Default old

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Default RE: Best unit in Colorado

Best one I've hunted in was 76..Unfortunately, by the time I bank enough preference points to go back there, I'll BE 76....[:@]....
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Default RE: Best unit in Colorado

No comment

The hunting pressure in my honey hole (unit) is minimal. Just the way we like it.
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Default RE: Best unit in Colorado

Best unit in Colorado to hunt elk; the one I hunted last year!

Good luck in finding yours! Nice try though.
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Default RE: Best unit in Colorado

Are you talking OTC?
Draw after <10 years?
Or a once in a lifetime LOONG time waiting type tag?

All would have different answers.

Like Saluk, I am just building points to eventually draw a decent tag on down the road, by then they will most definitely change from the current hot spots based on draws, management, elk numbers, hunter pressure, etc...
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Default RE: Best unit in Colorado

Waiting 10 yrs to draw and elk tags would not even be in my list. But have worked alot of limited draw areas and I believe it has nothing to do with what unit you hunt but what are in that unit that you hunt. Some open units have unique areas that are hard to get into and those area's produce some big bulls just as their limited unit counter parts. I like the San Juan Wilderness it's rugged and has plenty of big bulls hidden in the remote parts. I do agree however that some units are controlled enough to see big bulls walking on the outskirts of towns but that's not exactly what i want in my memory bank, the picture of me stopping my truck getting out and shooting the bull of my life nahhh. Let someone else who wants to draw for 10-20 years have those. I'll take my chance everyyear out in the open units. I say 78,80,81 are the ones to look towards in the future. Hunters are getting lazy and the elk know it.
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Default RE: Best unit in Colorado

I don't think that asking the unit is asking anyone to give away their favorite honey hole. There is a lot of public land in CO to go around.

I have only hunted 62. It is alright, but Iknow that there are much better for trophy bulls. The nice thing about it is the OTC tags and there are a fair # of elk. Plus, my father has been hutning it for over 25 years, so we know the area very well.
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Quick Reply: Best unit in Colorado

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