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First Elk Trip....

Old 08-05-2008, 11:46 AM
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Default First Elk Trip....

Well I booked a trip out west through Cabela's to go on any Archery Elk Hunt in Idaho.... I am looking for any tips, tricks, what to bring, advise, or anything else that will help me be successful...

I've been working out, running with my hiking boots and 20 pound pack about 2 miles, and shooting my bow out to 70 yards... So physically I should be ok, and with the bow (if I can keep the shakes away) I should be ok...

Other then that, anything from the vets would be great...

Also any ideas on the cost to get Antlers and Meat home...?? Just curious, I want to bring as much as possible back if I am successful...
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Old 08-05-2008, 12:07 PM
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Default RE: First Elk Trip....

OK, sounds like you're preparation is right on. If possible, practice shooting your bow at steep angles. Thatdefinitely may be an issue, especially in ID. Which unit are you hunting?

The cheapest bet to get meat home is probably have it frozen, wrapped in newspaper and packedin a cooler. Cehck it as extra baggage.

Buy some wicking long underwear. Depending on what elevation you're at, it'll probably be in the 20s in the morningsand could get to the high 80s during the day......

Other than that....good luck and aim for a spot on the animal, not just the animal.
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Default RE: First Elk Trip....

FYI, from my experience..... when you think your in good enough shape, your not. Your about halfway there. Double your physical activites. You can't account for the altitude. To get ready for 10 miles at altitude you need to do 20 or more miles at sea level +/-. Trust me you can never be in too good of shape!

Shipping will be expensive. I shipped a set of 6X antlers home a few years ago and it cost me $150 then, no telling what it is now but I'm sure its higher.

As far as the meat if you can check some as baggage on your flight that would be great. I figure that you should get approx 300 lbs of meat from an elk.You will want to have a local butcher shop package it for shipping. they will box it in "meat" boxes of about 60#. Shipping it home on dry ice you can get by with 2nd day delivery, but the cost will still be significant. approximately $6 per pound. Regular ups ground is about $1 per pound. I once shipped some meat home that was completely frozen and on dry ice with UPS ground and it showed up in 2 days. Meat was completing frozen and the driver bitched that I should have marked them as frozen. go figure.
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Default RE: First Elk Trip....

Up your Mileage on the walks , 2 miles is nowhere near enough . Cycling some distance is also good , work them leg muscles and lungs . I'm going on my first Elk hunt too and still feel i'm not doing enough .
Elevation shooting is a good idea too , something i had not concidered .

Good luck buddy
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Default RE: First Elk Trip....

I am going to Colorado for the first time this year, and I keep hearing that I need to exercise more. Plus everyone tells me that water intake will increase due to a higher elevation, and more physical exertion.
Good luck, hope you have fun.
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Old 08-05-2008, 06:58 PM
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Default RE: First Elk Trip....

If your doing a fully guided hunt, and everythings basically done for you besides your hunting gear. Then don't over stuff your pack. I did this, and found 70% what I had didn't even use. Be sure to carry alot of water or good sized hydration system. I kept 4 bottles water in my pack daily. The one thing I did use. Also for altitude adjustment expect headaches almost daily. If your from lower elevations you will most likely experience some sort of alititude sickness. Carry Alieve & rolaids. They helped alot, and what my outfitter recommended when I went.
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Default RE: First Elk Trip....

2 miles at at time? how often? once a week?

I'd add some variety to my workouts, but having the boots broke in and extra pack weight is good too.

maybe throw in a really long hike.....maybe some jogging intervals....for when you may have to move!!! right now!!! uphill!!!
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Default RE: First Elk Trip....

Hey hvyhitter19, I am in decent shape as far as weight wise and can walk around this part of the country here in NY and the hills of PA. pretty good come hunting season, but I want to tell you when I was in Co. last fall I thought I was going to die most of the time, even when I wasn't in the mountains out there. Felt like I was out of breath all the time. My friend who went out with me runs 5 miles at least 3 to5 times a week was just as bad as I was in the mountains. Walk up the hill a little ways, and we were sucking wind. I thought he would have it much easier than I but he didn't. Hope you will have it better than we did. I don't know the elevations you will be hunting in, but we were around 9600 to 10600 ft. Good luck
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Default RE: First Elk Trip....

I would contact my guide and follow his or her instructions tothe T!Good Luck!
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Default RE: First Elk Trip....

If you are shipping you meat home as excess baggage then keep in mind the 50# limit on bags/boxes. If you exceed that limit you might be sent over to air freight to ship the meat.If you don't allow enough time to make a last min run over there because you just found out they won't take it as excess baggage then things can get a bit tight.

I know because that is what happened to me when I took meat as excess baggage and exceeded their limit. Fortunately I waschecking in at the time when air freight was open and the supervisor took pity on me after the check in agent blew me off. Still cost me $150 to ship 150# of boned out meat home in two boxes.

Good luck...
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