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speed goat hutning

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Default speed goat hutning

have any of you hunted them before. i just found out i got tags this year for WY. this is going to be my first year hunting them and am looking for any info people can give me on them(what i need what to expect. things to know etc)

also im from illinois where shotguns are the only gun we can use on big game(besides coyotes)

i just went out and bought a savage stainless model 12 308.
at what ranges should i be prepared to be shootingat? 200,300 etc and
for you guys using 308s on them what round are you finding works the best.

thanks in advance guys!!!!!!!

Jeff Smith
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Default RE: speed goat hutning

what unit?

I'm also in IL and disappointed we didn't draw.....last year was 100% with 1pt, so I had figured to draw, but no luck.

acustom to the slug game as well, but love rifle shooting.

I'd say be dead on at 200yds or more....and know your bullets trajectories....

depending on the terrain, you may be able to sneak up close, but you may not be able to get within 400yds....

most ranges around here if you're lucky will let you shoot 200yds, so get to it and be ready, learn where that bullet will be at 300, 400,

may consider dead on at 250yds.....should allow you to just point/shoot out to 300yds.

I've always used .270 win with 130grs, though looking at a .243win as my goat gun....

I'd say go light.....not sure whats commonly loaded down to the .308....but id say find a good 150gr or 125gr load....

fellow hunter couple years back was using an '06 with 125grs, so 150grs or less Id go for in the .308.....use your flattest shooting/most accurate bullet, relatively speaking.

These things are small compared to our that is a smaller target at 300yds....

also figure out wind drifts.....its almost always windy in wyoming when ive hunted antelope.

I definitely recomend a soft bullet, no need for nosler partitions, barnes TSX etc....buddy's .243 w/95gr nosler partitions would go right through.

my 130gr soft points also go right through.

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Default RE: speed goat hutning

my first year to, drew CO tag, using a browning a-bolt in 243wssm, cant wait!!
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Old 06-27-2008, 06:14 AM
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Default RE: speed goat hutning

What unit did you draw ? Guided or unguided? The number one advice would be after the kill ,be very carefull with the cape .The hair is very fragile ,you can't drag them or pull on the hide the hair will pull out.They make one of the nicest mounts I have . If you are guided ,he will keep you from shooting a 12"er. Other wise try and holdout for 14"s or better.Good luck ,are you still working at JPEC if so look me up in the camp ground this fall I want to see the photos. My plate on the front of the ford says Headhunter.

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Default RE: speed goat hutning


Don't set your scope higher than 2.00" at 100 yds. The Kill Zone on a pronghorn is small + or - 3.00". Practice your long range shooting. I have fount it easer to get pronghorn to come to you instead of you going to them. Good luck on your hunt.
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Default RE: speed goat hutning

Never used a 308, normally use a 30-06 150gr SST's or Interbonds, or a .243 with 95gr SST's. Both are sighted in 2" high at 100, and I have never taken a shot farther than 300 yards.
Study the terrain between you and them carefully and you will be able to get fairly close. Good luck.
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Default RE: speed goat hutning

we drew unit 45. hunting near Laramie Wyoming. thanks guys for all your replys. any more info would be great!!!
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Default RE: speed goat hutning

Congrats on the tags guys. For the most part the advice on here has been good. Lopes are truly very sharp. Pretty easy to get within 500 yards but closer than that starts getting tough. You cannot make any mistakes on the stalk. They truly can see you blink at 400 yards if they have you pegged. The does are usually the first to peg you and run. Be accurate to 300 yards and know your ballistics and wind drift. Speaking of wind -- they have very good noses too. Watch the wind. Stay low move slow when you are exposed and keep trying. There are lots of lopes and you will have plenty of opportunities so don't rush it. Have fun with it. Lope hunting is the funnest big game hunting there is. Also another tip -- their eyes are very good in bright light, golden hour is a good opportunity. That first half hour of light and the last half hour of light they seem to get a bit dopey. I believe they have a tough time seeing in the low light. They rely on their vision as their first defense and almost to the exclusion of all their other senses. The nose will get you though so watch the wind, Have I said stay out of site and watch the wind.
Lopes are tougher that folks think. They can cover a mile easy with a double lung shot. That rarely happens but will on occasion. As far as the vitals and kill zone... the lope is almost all heart and lung. The kill zone on a lope is just about the same size as a 250 lb deer. A good double lung will of course always kill him. I prefer to have hunters take a front shoulder shot. That almost always puts them down for the count instantly. As for bullet choice... I agree with the above statement of partitions just zip through. On a true double lung on a lope pretty much any bullet will do that. Its nothing but air and a few small membranes of flesh in that spot. Thats why I recommend the mid to high shoulder shot. I do not like ballistic tip bullets at all for any big game animal. In fact I do not allow them in camp. There is not much meat on a lope so meat damage in the front shoulders isn't much concern. Speaking of meat, they are very good eating if you take good care of them. Get them gutted as quickly as possible and try to get them cool asap. If you can't get them into a cooler quickly then get the hide off immediately. And as the guy said above -- it needs repeating -- the hair is very fragile. I will pull out with the slightest disturbance. DO NOT DRAG IT IF YOU ARE GOING TO MOUNT IT. Don't even let it bump the ground when you carry it. The loose hair is a predator defense. The premise -- when a predator gets a mouthful of lope he walks away with a mouthful of hair and the lope runs off with a bald spot only to grow the hair back in a few weeks.
Good luck guys have fun with it.
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Default RE: speed goat hutning

Wedrew our tags too!This will be the first western hunt for two of our party. We're taking some classic calibers (30/30, 30/40, 257 Roberts) out with us for some real sport. We've been practicing out to 400 yds. on a life sized antelope target. Hope the weather's good.
Good Luck All!

P.S. Does anyone have a favorite recipe for speed goat? We have five additional doe permitsbetween usso we're hoping to bring back a little more meat for the freezers.
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Default RE: speed goat hutning

yeah I hunted them about 5yrs ago and it was a blast!!! I got mine with a .243 remington. my shot was only about 125yrds... then again I shot him while I was eating lunch at camp!!!other than that... my other two hunting companions shot their's with .270s at about 150yrds and that is PLENTY of fire power for those goats. they are not as hard to bring down as a whitetail. but sight in your rifle!!! and know how much that bullet is going to drop....
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