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Consolation Prize Wolverine

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Consolation Prize Wolverine

Old 11-08-2006, 02:07 AM
Fork Horn
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Default Consolation Prize Wolverine

Recently (Last month) completed a 9 day combo hunt for Caribou, Moose and Grizzly in Alaska.Lucked out on all three. But shot a Wolverine on the last day, so not all in vain.
Personally felt quite a let down, but everyone keeps telling me what an awesome trophy the Wolverine is, and chances of getting one are mighty slim.

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Old 11-08-2006, 04:17 AM
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Default RE: Consolation Prize Wolverine

Wow, Awesome Tim! Congrat's on the kills and especially on the woolybooger!

Lucked Out! Does this mean Yes or No?
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Old 11-08-2006, 05:33 AM
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Default RE: Consolation Prize Wolverine

Congrats! Tell us which outfitter it was so that we don't go there.
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Old 11-08-2006, 06:56 AM
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Default RE: Consolation Prize Wolverine

Lucked out on all three
This makes it sound like you got all three, BUT it sounds likethe wolverine was your only kill?

younggun243, there is no outfitter in AK that gives anyone a 100% chance to kill. In fact. a lot of outfitters try so hard to put thier hunters ona larger animal, and often loose opportunitys to take any legal animal. Just because a person pays big money and comes home empty does not mean thatthe particular outfitter isn't any good. Lots of things come into play, such as weather, animal numbers, condition of the hunter, etc. Tim will be able to tell us though if in his opinion the outfitter was at fault, or if there were other reasons out of the outfitters hands that kept him from scoring.
Tim, when I went up to AK two years ago on a combo hunt, we saw a wolverine, actually went after it, BUT if gave us the slip. We did get a nice moose and caribou, but that wolverine would've been awesome too! Congrats on a fine critter!
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Old 11-08-2006, 06:56 AM
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Default RE: Consolation Prize Wolverine

That is awesome! I would love a wolverine. Sorry about the rest.
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Old 11-08-2006, 11:49 AM
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Default RE: Consolation Prize Wolverine

Can't blame the Outfitter, he did his job best he could.
Most Outfitters in Alaska are restricted as to where they can guide, so can only work with what they have. Things change from year to year and these guys have to make a living. In a different season things could have been very different.
I beleive the problem is with the management of the areas. (GMU 17 & 19)
Small window for the season and just too many hunters wanting the same thing. Of course the managers are going to take the tag revenue.
If the hunting gods had been favourable toward me, I'd have a nice Griz. But my 4 mile stalk came unstuck in the last 600 yards, when Mr bear got buzzed by a plane checking him over. It was a small wheeled plane, so more likely tourists than an Outfitter. Frustrating.
As for the Moose. Numbers of legal Bulls are real thin out there.
And a decent sized caribou just wasn't going to happen. Maybe later in the season. (This was mid-late September.) and I'm told often the Bigger Bulls will hold off migrating south till later.
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Old 11-10-2006, 11:40 PM
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Default RE: Consolation Prize Wolverine


Hunting up here can be hard. Despite popular misconception, our game populations/square mile are the lowest in the nation.

A wolverine is a great trophy. Moose don't come easy, especially trophy moose. Caribou are weird. They are either there or they aren't. If you don't hit the right area in the migration, you mineswell sleep in your tent.

Still, I bet you had a pretty awesome experience, right? The ride in the bush plane, the wolves howling at night? Camping in 20 degree weather?Heck, even seeing a grizz is exciting.

Congratulations on your wolverine AND your experience. There is more to hunting that just killing an animal..especially up here.

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Old 11-13-2006, 02:01 PM
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Default RE: Consolation Prize Wolverine

Awesome Wolverine, that my friend is truly a sweet trophy!!!
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Old 11-13-2006, 06:37 PM
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Default RE: Consolation Prize Wolverine

Awesome. I've seen some wolverine tracks (as pointed out by my hunting partner at the time) while living in Mt and of course have heard the documentedstories of wolverines ranging for hundreds of linear miles. Can someone tell me if they are considered varmints in Alaska, I mean, you don't have to purchase a wolverine tag do you? I don't figure you do. I hear they really stink. Is that true? I'd love to see one. I think they are fascinating animals. Way to go Tim.
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Old 11-14-2006, 07:45 PM
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Default RE: Consolation Prize Wolverine

Nice animal - and a special trophy - I'd be happy.

Did you have to have a small game licsence to take it?

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