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Proper technique

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Default Proper technique

Hello Everyone. This is my first post and I look forward to getting to know everyone.

We recently moved from CA to Montana. It has literally been since I was a young teen the last time I hunted for anything above bird size. I am really wanting to get into hunting now that we live in a place where it appears the deer/elk/big game are plentiful. Which brings me to my question.

What would you all say is the best way to hunt big game? What I mean is, Ihave known some that prefer to sit in one spot and wait, others like to get out and move constantly, others road hunt in vehicles or other road hunt from ATV's and such.

Having never harvested an animal, I want to increase my chances of getting something and therefore would love to hear your opinions.

Also, any other information you might share such as is it better to work the ridge tops, or ravines, morning or evening and information like that. I know some of these questions are subjective, in fact, probably all of them are, but I'm looking again at percentages more than anything.

Thank you all for your time in helping a newbie big game hunter out. I would also just like to publically thank Montana Bob for also sharing several things with me through PM already. Thank you Bob.
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Default RE: Proper technique

Check out HNI's (Hunting.Net's) big game section, they only have info on elk there, (even though they claim to have "the most comprehensive database on mule deer hunting, bear, moose,antelope, safari, and they don't even have those sections up or running!) I have checked out the elk hunting section (not in the forums, on HNI remember?) and I thought that they had quite a bit of cool info there.

There is a large whitetail hunting section, and it may give you some info that'll help you when hunting mule deer. I don't know if they have any whitetails in Montana or not.

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Default RE: Proper technique

Since you've been in Cal, I'd probably suggest you start with re-aquainting yourself with which end of the gun to hold! (lol) Sorry . . . couldn't resist.

Seriously, read every word on this fellows site:

It will get you started in all the good directions. Very helpful site. And just a lot of good info.

Enjoy Montana and all the outdoors!
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Default RE: Proper technique

i do a few different things, i do a lot of road hunting, thats how i got my last 4 moose actually by that way, but usually i road hunt for thr first little bit of hunting season to do some exploring (and also you can cover a lot of ground in a day) but as the season goes on i change and do aalot of sitting in one spot because with the prior road hunting i scope out nice little spots where the game comes through. anyways this is what i usually do.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Proper technique

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful advice.

To answer the question of what I'll be hunting, mainly Elk and Whitetale.
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Default RE: Proper technique

I would suggest finding a hunting friend. I also would get a GPS, WalMart is fine, and use it.Unless you ever spent a cold night in the woods waiting to be rescued you should trust me on this.

The smallest rifle I would buy is a .270 and bigger if in Griz Country. Get online and study because the rules change by where you are at. I find the most effective way is to find a good spot, meaning you know game is there,park and walk in. Do you know how to field gut an animal?

I suggest you take the Hunter Safety Course. Good hunting. MV out!
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Default RE: Proper technique

MV, Thanks for the great advice.

First on the GPS unit, believe me, I really want one. I will have to wait a bit because of budget, but I will have one before next season for sure.

I do go with my Father so I don't have to worry about being out there by myself.

I have a Remington 710 30-06 so my caliber should be fine for what I'm hunting.

I have studied the 2006 regulations in detail and try to continue checking up on them often to make sure I didn't forget anything or read past anything.

My father and I have walked many miles this season already. We generally don't drive in anywhere to close to where we want to's just finding the game which seems to be the problem.

Field gutting an animal is something I "know" how to do. I put the quotes around know because when you haven't done something, it makes it difficult to really know. I've done a lot of research, watched DVD's on field dressing big game and so forth but like anything, until you really do it, you won't know for sure.

I took a hunter safety course when I was about 12. I've been in the woods all my life and know how to deal with the outdoors and proper safety as well as ethical hunting practices.

It's just been quite a few years and was looking for some tips on how to maximize my chances at harvesting an animal in a totally new area.

Thanks again to all for some very wonderful advice. Please keep it coming if you can.
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Default RE: Proper technique

definately, a gps will offer security, but also take and be TOTALLY prepared to navigate with maps and compass if need to b/c electronic things can break. For a great little GPS however, look at the etrex. You can pick one up for right around $100 and they are super easy (as opposed to some others) to learn and use.

Finding a good hunting partner(s) is worth gold. Also knowing what to pack (even in a daypack) and what not will also add to your feeling of security, thus giving you the confidence to hunt where you need to.
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Default RE: Proper technique

Montana Bob, you been Pming the Kalifornian? []
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