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Wall tent suggestions

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Default Wall tent suggestions

First off, I want to thankeveryone on this site who shares their knowledge and expertise to make this such a great place.
I am looking to buy a wall tent and I have read and researched until I can't see straight. The problem is there areno retailers in this area that carries wall tents, so I can only look on-line andI hate to spend a lot of money on a tent and not get what I want or what I need. Nevertheless, I think I've got it narrowed down to Davis tents and The Wall Tent shop. Afterreading all the great things about Davis tents onhere,its hard to argue, andI am defentely considering this brand. Has anyone had any experience with The Wall Tent Shop? They seem to have some good looking tents with lots of accessories and several different types of stoves. I live and hunt in TN and camp right off the road so weight isn't a big issue. My main conserns are durability, ease of set-up, and a stove that lastall night. The two stoves I'mconsidering are theSummit stove(Davis tents & The Wall Tent Shop) and the 4 dog stoves(The Wall Tent Shop). Does anyone know the actual burns times on these stoves (using hardwood)? As far as size goes, I'm considering a 12x14 and a 14x16. I will usually be camping with 1, 2, occasionally 3 other people, so I will have help with set-up. But will set-up be much harder with the bigger one? Can anyone offer any insight or have a reccomendation. I know I've asked a lot of questions, but I really want to get the right set-up.
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Default RE: Wall tent suggestions

We use Davis tents. By far the best wall tent maker out there. Don't buy any of that Cabela's light weight nylon wall stuff it rips in high winds or heavy snow loads. Canvas all the way. We always use a tarp over the tents to protect better for future years of service. Also if you buy a tarp buy it 10ft longer and it makes a nice awning out in front for the cook or whoever's at camp to sit under outside. Stoves are nice and keep you cozy but I would take along a propane heater so you can turn it on an hour early before you get up to light the fire. We have started using the 12 x12ft teepee tent style with 4ft side walls with floor for just sleeping tents. They are alot warmer and require less time to heat up to get out of the sack. Except for me I always get cold boots cuz I'm the one who gets up and lights everyone's heaters. I guess it's expected haha.
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Default RE: Wall tent suggestions

We are after two different things, as I hunt the backcountry in weight is the key, but when I hunt during gun season (prefer archery season, 17 days and 16 hours for me to go )

When hunting gun season, we use a 12x12ft. wall with Stove, but we like Cherokee said, use a propane, great big buddy heater...and it can run all night long, has an oxygen sensor in it, and we run an oxygen sensor on the ground as well (propane, and most killer gases are heavier than air)

So, would suggest propane great big buddy, wiht a 40lb tank and should last you around a week, running it at night...

The great big buddy, as a fan in it, so it circulates air...

and if you go with canvas, I would suggest the tarp over it trick for insulation as well as protection...


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Default RE: Wall tent suggestions

If you are only going to have 2-3 pepole in a tent I would suggest the 10x12 or a 12x14,more than enough room for 3 guys and gear.
As for a stove we usally drive to where we set-up and have a old cat-iron stove with a flat top to cook on and heat.With a load of good Montana pine about 8 at night it lasts till about 3-4 in the morrning,granted temps are in the 10's-20's get down around 0 and you need a little more wood.
Also you will probaly want a floor in it,so some carpet would be nice.Our tent is fire treated and water resistent,take the advuce and use a tarp over the top.
Good luck
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Default RE: Wall tent suggestions

I am saving up to purchase the Cabela's Big Horn II (item #51-4952). Good luck.
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Default RE: Wall tent suggestions

My hunting buddy has a canvas wall tent, don't know the maker, sorry, it has some age on it still doing the job. I have a M1941 tent stovewith oil burner that we use finally worked all the quirks out and it worked flawlessly last year. Use gasoline for fuel. The big problem with the stove was fresh air intake, now works great. Check out ebay if interested in the stove, search tent stove.
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Default RE: Wall tent suggestions

I can't say enough about Davis Tent's. A great product and price.
I have 3, one is over 12 years old. They all get used a min of 10 weeks per year. The only repairs ever needed have been human or bear caused and thier service is second to none.
I can't say this for some of the others that I've had.
I like the Cylinder (sp)stoves when weight is not a concern and Rileys when it is.
I have special made tarps (Bale Tops) 10' longer and 3' wider (measured over tent peak not floor width) then install a sewn in stove jack.
I also prefer internal (conduit) frames for tent and the lounging/cook area framing for my drive in camps.
When properly set up I've seen Davis's tents hold up after a two foot storm overnight and the hunters stayed comfy with this set up.
It would be hard for me to switch.


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Default RE: Wall tent suggestions

Thanks, for the suggestions.
What kind of tarp should I use for a rain fly? Will any plastic tarp work or should I buy one manufacturer?
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Default RE: Wall tent suggestions

Matt---welcome to the board. I got a Colorado Tent out of Denver around ten years ago. I got mine just after the 1st of the year when they go on sale. It's 14x12x5. It sleeps 3 hunters quite comfortable anymore than that & it's gets a little cramped. Make sure you get 5' side walls.4' side walls don't give you enough more to move around. I use 1" electrical conduit for the frame. I used steel set screw fittings. The longest pipe is the rafters---roof support---the are about 6' in length. It's had over a foot of snow on it without a problem. The frame is plenty strong. I aslo have a center post. Weld a bunch of hooks on the center post & center pole-----they are great for hanging jackets, wet clothers etc.

My rain fly is a used tarp, the kind that long haul truckers use to cover their flat bed load. It's kind of rubberized & they have plenty of D-rings to tie it off. It's heavy duty & stands up to the occasional glowing ember from the wood burner.

Stoves----mine is just a cheap cylinder type. It doesn't last the entire nite---but I usually burn aspen & some spruce. Both are pretty soft wood.

Floors---I use the other part of the truckers tarp. Problem I've found with the cheap hardware store tarp is they are SLICK with you enter with snow on your boots.

One word of advice is to build your frame & then setup the tent in your back yard. Hose it down. It will shrink & the make your final cuts on the EMT frame. Plus color code your pipes & couplings. Blue paint for the walls, red for the roof--etc Saves time when you setup.

Good luck---CB
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