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What gun for a youngster

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Default What gun for a youngster

If you where buying a gun for your 13 YO son what would you buy. It needs to be light on recoil so that he doesn't get gun shy. It needs to have enough power to take a whitetail, antelope, mule deer etc. humanely. Don't consider elk or larger game. If and when that day comes he can get another gun. I'm thinking of a 25-06. I'm not a big fan of 243 win for deer. 7mm 08 is another option. I think a 270 or 06 has too much kick. any thoughts?
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Default RE: What gun for a youngster

I would realy consider the 25-06,this one of the greatest beginer cartriges made IMHO.If not look towards the .260,7mm-08,257 Roberts.or even the lowly .300 savage.

Make of gun's don't know what you price range is but I realy like the Remington CDL,Winchester Sporter LT of the Savage 110 to name the few.

If he's small or short limbed you might conside the Rem Mdl 7 Stailess/Synthetic in .260 Rem.

When my boys are old enough to hunt it's 25-06 all the way around,one Ruger #1 and one Ruger M-77 Stianless,Laminated and the old man gets the Rem 700 BDL(Like I said I love the 25-06).

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Default RE: What gun for a youngster

I would lean toward 7mm-08, if for no other reason its easy to find ammo almost anywhere.
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Default RE: What gun for a youngster

i am not a "gun god" so i may be out of my league here....6mm? never shot one but heard some good about them. i am haveing my 12 year old daughter shooting a 270 wood stock with a sims recoil pad on it...she says its O.k...not sure if she just doesn't want to make a fuss about it?
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Default RE: What gun for a youngster

Shato i am 15 and i was shooting a 30 06 when i was 13. I was started off with 243 but i got my 06 when i was 12. I think a 270 or 30-06 would be just fine, however a 25-06 should be good as well. Right now i am shooting a 7mm mag, but i hunt in south texas and i get some fairly long shots. I think a remington 700 cdl would be a great gun (i have one) and shoots great. I think for a 13 year any standard cartridge should be fine. Do not get him a youth gun because if he is 13 now when he is 16 he isnt gonna wanna use it.
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Default RE: What gun for a youngster

6.5mmSwede, .260Rem or 7mm-08
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Default RE: What gun for a youngster

7mm 08
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Default RE: What gun for a youngster

Personally I would go for the 270 or 30-06 unless he is a small for his age boy.

I just bought my 12 year old son a rifle for his birthday back in February. He got a Remington synthetic 30-06. It is inexpensive and he can beat up the stock with out me cringing when he bangs it against something.

It kicked him a little at first shooting from a bench but I put a limb saver recoil pad on it and it doesn't bother him at all now. He also is able to shoot my 300WSM because it has a decelerator pad on it.

Any of the standard calibers he should be able to handle just fine. Also Remington makes a reduced recoil load in 30-06 for young kids that may be recoil sensative.

I'll also add that I will very likley be getting my 10 year old daughter a .308 come November for her 11th birthday.
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Default RE: What gun for a youngster

If you are interested in a single shot then you can't beat the NEF Youth model in 7mm-08. I bought one because the short stock fits my bad shoulder well. I put a slip-on Shooters Friend recoild pad from Cabelas Man that pad takes all the sting out. The little rifle grouped one inch with 140 corlokt the first time out. I put a compact M8 4X power scope on it and its a shooter. For a few bucks you can get the regular length stock from NEF. It an inexpensive little rifle but will do the job well.
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Default RE: What gun for a youngster

T/C Encore 7mm-08 Rem. with Bantam Stock. One can purchase more potent calibers (barrles) as he ages. Good luck.
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