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I'm considering taking up air gunning for doves. >

I'm considering taking up air gunning for doves.

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I'm considering taking up air gunning for doves.

Old 10-29-2021, 06:14 AM
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Farmers might fear that powder guns BANG too loudly around their livestock. Agricultural pests are often shot inside barnyards and sometimes inside barns. Powder guns might spook the animals like cows and horses. I like the notion of using air guns to pick off doves on the perch because this requires no wingshooting skills anyway since I'm already proficient in (powder) rifle marksmanship. An air gun inside of 100 yards might not shoot as flat as a powder rifle inside that range, however. Hold-over compensation might be more crittical with air gunning.

Speaking of trajectory and ballistics, what is the maximum point blank range for an air rifle with a velocity just below the sound barrier (950 fps) on dove-size targets depending on the how the gun is zeroed in? Maximum point blank range means there are no hold-over/under adjustments in aim required to dispatch a sitting dove humanely within that range. A dove on the perch will likely be aimed at center of its body mass preferably in the breast area. Watching several dove-shooting videos with scoped air guns, the sitting birds seem to be taken inside of 50 yards anyway. This is typically the outer range for wingshooting fowl with shotguns.

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I haven't shot one but the Gamo Swarm Fusion airgun is intriguing with the new gas piston tech. Their speed claims are made using their own brand's platinum pellets. The .177 pellet is only 4.7 grains and the 22 is 9.7 grains. Both of those pellets are light for caliber and produce around 16-17 FPE. Field & Stream has an article where they tested the .22 caliber Swarm Fusion with impressive results. With the .22 caliber version they averaged 890-910 FPS with lead pellets in the 15-17 grain range for around 30 FPE which is impressive for a break barrel airgun. The heavier lead pellets were also more accurate. If it were me, I'd get one in .22 as it will shoot subsonic (below the speed of sound), make less noise and have more power. You would also have a solid pest rifle capable of more than just birds if needed.

MPBR is a concept that doesn't work as well for airguns due to their often curved trajectory. Most airgunners compensate with a scope or using different aiming point (Kentucky windage) since their targets are so small. Now if you're looking for max range to use an airgun, it depends on the caliber and airgun. With that Swarm Fusion, 50 yards on birds would be a reasonable limit. If you're using it on larger pests, you would obviously reduce the range and maybe have to consider a headshot.


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when was the last time you actually SHOT a rifle, a powder fired firearm, and HOW many shots have you taken with it??
HOW many times have you shot a firearm period in the past 12 months?

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Two words can answer your questions mrbb. "Armchair quarterback." After over 100 posts, I don't expect him to post about doing or hunting, just questions about often arcane or esoteric aspects of hunting or more often, videos or articles he's read. The airgun he's asking about is intriguing though. I don't think it could ever replace IdahoRon's TX 200 but it does seem to provide a reasonably priced entry level airgun for hunting.
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Old 10-29-2021, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by AlongCameJones
I don't consider AIR GUNS "firearms". There's no FIRE (or SMOKE) in them to speak of. I call them WINDSUCKERS because whenever people can't smoke, they are said to be "sucking wind". Air guns, like the lungs of non-smokers, only take in clean air. Air guns actually "exhale" cleaner than people do because there is zero carbon monoxide emissions when an air gun is shot. Air guns discharge their projectiles as cleanly as a bow discharges an arrow. Being free of toxic emissions makes air guns ideal for long sessions of indoor shooting. Their low noise also helps make them be even more environmentally friendly.

And what have you done to help answer any of your own questions and concerns? I think some here would like to know what you have learned so we can be sure you're serious.

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Old 10-31-2021, 01:21 PM
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The op is a clown, every time he shows up it is a cluster!
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here is one of his other forum rants on nothing to do with what the forum is about, if anyone wants to see his nonsense else where

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