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whats best airgun ?

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Originally Posted by hogmister13
looking to buy one ?
I just recently joined the forum and was curious what air gun you purchased. I am an avid airgunner. I started out with springer break barrels. As a retirement present to myself I bought a .22 DayState Huntsman Revere PCP. LOL I had the fever after that. I now own a 22 DayState Redwolf HP, .22 FX Maverick Sniper, a .22 2021 Huben K1, and a .30 AGT Vulcan 3. I must say for general small game hunting my go to gun is the Revere. Yep...PCPs are addictive,
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Cometa Airguns are a good option
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I'm certainly no airsoft expert, but my gun fires an 8 gram bullet at about 825 fps. This is great for rats. Gamo (Cabeleas) makes a .117 or .22 caliber rifle with a 1300 fps scope (slightly faster than the speed of sound). It seems to be active up to a distance of about 30 meters. The downside is that if pellets penetrate a wooden fence, no one knows what will happen next. In other words, they're about as deadly as standard .22 rifles.
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That's a tough one - there are so many cool airguns out there! If you're looking for an affordable, quality one, I'd recommend checking out - they've got some great options!
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When it comes to airguns, there are loads of options out there, so it really depends on what you're looking for. Some popular choices include the Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1, Benjamin Marauder, and the Crosman Nitro Piston Break Barrel.
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I recently ran across an unusual PCP airgun that you can manually top off with an integral pump. Seneca's Aspen comes in 22 and 25 caliber. It can be filled like any other PCP airgun but when in the field, you can top it off after a few shots with an integral pump.
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Default Determining the "best" Airgun

Check out Air Arms
Some popular airgun brands known for their quality and performance include Air Arms, FX Airguns, Weihrauch, and Daystate
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TX200 the best of the best. IMHO
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Default Finding the Best Airguns for Your Needs

The best airgun for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular airguns that are highly rated by experts include the RWS Model 34, which is considered the best .22 caliber airgun, and the Benjamin Trail NP XL Magnum, which is considered the best airgun for hunting. For those looking for a PCP airgun, the Benjamin Bulldog Bullpup is a great option. If you’re looking for an airgun that offers good value for money, the GAMO Big Cat 1250 in .177 caliber is a popular choice. Ultimately, the best airgun for you will depend on your intended use and personal preferences. 😊
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Default Determining the best airgun depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Determining the best airgun depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular and highly regarded airgun brands include Umarex, Gamo, Crosman, and Air Arms, among others. Factors to consider when choosing the best airgun include the intended use (hunting, target shooting, plinking), caliber (e.g., .177 or .22), power source (spring-piston, CO2, PCP), and features such as accuracy, ergonomics, and additional accessories. It's advisable to research and read reviews to find the airgun that aligns with your shooting requirements and budget, as the definition of the "best" airgun can vary based on individual preferences and purposes.
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