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Default RE: Professional Bowhunters Society

Anyone interested in back issues I would be more than happy to lend them to you, I would like them back though. I am an associate member and have been for a couple of years. On the forefront I believe that PBS is doing it's part to fight anti-hunting legislation, anti-crossbow and helping states deal with equipment regulations. One of the best programs is the PBS youth hunt where youths from diff parts of the US are sponsored by local clubs and a mentor and they apply for a week long hunt with the executive council of PBS and there mentors, this is paid for by PBS all except travel expenses which are handled by the sponsoring club. The children learn so much more than just hunting at these events. I am sure that if you contacted via email many more questions could be answered. The only thing that I do not like about being a PBS member is that I currently do not have the time to do more for the organization and help promote archery. I am also a member of NRA and Mississippi Bowhunters Assoc. Get some back issues and see for yourself what PBS is about.
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