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Default RE: Professional Bowhunters Society

I agree at what the PBS appears to be....but thats just it. I dont like the idea of the 2 member groups within the club. Kind of foolish to even bother in a club when there is sort of a 'elitist' group. I havent done much digging after I have heard that and very few if any had anything to say on the other site after I posted that! Kinda makes me wonder.

ALso dropped my memberships to a couple of Orgs, (3 total), I was paying and hearing nothing, not even newsletters on a regular basis. Groups are starting to look like "its not my cup of tea" thing.

Groups like this are fun however as we are all learing from others experiences and sharing a 'campfire' in our own new found ways......but I think thats were my involvement in a group is going to end! just my .02
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