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What happen to more bowhunting opportunites like the 1st Sat. of Oct. being 10/1 in 05'! Now with the 1st Sat. after the 2nd Mon. That means only 1 extra wknd of archery when 10/1 falls on the 1st Sun. or Mon. of the month. So all this does is make up for the added wknd archers got when the Mon. Reg. opener fell on the Thanksgiving wk. in the past. So there's 0 added early season archery days
I think bowhunters had their chance at an earlier season but didn't compromise with the mz. hunters. I don't think you can go much later into Dec. because of snowmobile associations. Alot of them wait until big game season is over to open their trails.

All you really have left is Oct. I think the DEC saw that bowhunters wanted no part of muzzleloaders in their season. So why would DEC give bowhunters a longer season, just so they can have a bigger fight next time they try to implement the early mz season?

I don't see the DEC giving archers anything earlier without archers giving something in the early season to the muzzleloaders.
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