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Default RE: Anyone have a .22 mag?

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Thats 17HMR, and ya its a little better than a 22Mag in my opinion. But you should go with the 22mag over the 22lr. You should look into the 17hmr, the ammo price is about the same as a 22mag, and maybe a 17 mach 2.
aborquez, im sure bigcountry knows that its a 17hmr given his knowlege he shares in these need for corrections please! And as far as your quote of "its a little better than the 22 mag"?????? better for what? Shooting groundhogs at 150 yrds? Coyotes? I dont think the advantage (velocity) of shooting a 17 gr bullet over a 40gr bullet verses the disadvantage of wind drift and less energy warrants saying that it is an all around "better" cartridge. I own both and can tell you that if Im groundhog hunting Ill take my Ruger 77/22wmr over the 77/17hmr anyday for varmits.

Now back to Busch's question. I agree that a 22lr is the gun to have for fun, and a semi is the way to go for hours of fun at the range. Nothing like blowing through 15 rounds before reloading, a bolt can be a pain sometimes for plinking.

MOSSY,what are you saying? Man, the 22lr and 22mag is not for plinking! It's the round of DAH South!

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