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Answerguy, I had lunch with the Monsanto rep today and during the course of our other business we discussed your question, yes the product is available, however there are so many evironmental sign offs much like other RR products that they dont even try to sell it, Unless you are a farmer you would be hrd pressed to get it, he says the only people that want it are people using it for wildlife food plots, and they are not certified to use RR . So if you can buy it over in Canaada that would be the place to get it...
That was great of you to ask for me.

I'm not really sure I understand his explanation though. I've bought RR corn and soybeans from the farm supply store here in Michigan without any hassles. And buying and using Round Up itself isn't a problem.
Oh well, I do get to Canada occaisionally so I'll have to try that angle.
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