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Man, this is a tough crowd. Just because it is related to bow hunting doesnt mean I have to agree with it. I was just asking a question. I dont find it unethical or inhumane. I just do see the point as stated earlier. BUT i dont live in an area with gators. If I did, my opinion might be different.

I dont have a better way to harvest gators, personally I dont think I would want to shoot one. Again if I lived there it might be different. I dint see the whole program, I only saw the last 15 minutes. But I dont think my opinion would be any different. I will look for the episode to run again and I will watch it and I will see if I change my way of thinking.

Persoanlly I dont appreciate being bashed for asking a question. I was told no question was a stupid one by several members on this board. I guess it is only a stupid one when I dont fall in line with everyone else's way of thinking. Just
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