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Five years is about the point where you should start seeing some progress. QDM, is more than "Letting the little ones walk" though. There are several good books available on the subject as well as a Magazine, The American Whitetail, published by the QDM folks that could be of great help to you. You have to begin somewhere and you have obviously done that but what else have you done? It helps to do as detailed a study of your herd population as is practical and to look at your property with an eye towards the food types available and the type and placement of covers available. What do you plant as supplememtal foods, where and how large are your food plots, what are your long term goals as far as number of bucks harvested and the relative size of them, how many does do you harvest each year and are you doing anything early in the year (February-April) to insure that the Does, especially, are receiving additional mineral supplements at the time they need them the most? There is a forum here that deals exclusively with QDM, have you visited that? There are a lot of talented people on this board that may be able to help in your effort if you visit the correct forum.
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