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My buddy lives down by Houston and his land is very close to Whitewater in SE MN. He and his neighbors constantly has problems with Hmong tresspassing all over their land shooting everything from squirrels, bluejays, robins...pretty much everything they see. They will just park their trucks and just start walking in one direction until it gets dark and just camp where ever they are. Doesn't matter whose land it is. They(and yes I'm generalizing cause most all of them do it) shoot everything and anything they see and walk where ever they like. It happens down there and on state land not far from me. You don't even want to be close to that state land when they are out there hunting. .22 bullets flying every where. If you think I'm exagerating....I dare you to come and try to sit in a bow stand on land next to it or even on the state land. I'll set you up and see what happens, but I'm out of there way before first light.
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